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Stay on-brand with Brand Kit

Bring all your brand assets together in one place to help your team stay on-brand with every design.

Set up your Brand Kit(opens in a new tab or window)

Update your brand, fast

Keep your designs up-to-date. Upload new logos and brand images to your Brand folder and automatically replace them across existing designs in just a few clicks. Say goodbye to manual adjustments or outdated logos.

Design every size in seconds

Save time designing for every social platform. With just one click, Magic Switch perfectly formats your design for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Design on-brand, from the start

Empower everyone to be a brand builder. Set up Brand Templates with your brand’s logos, colors and fonts locked into place so your team can quickly design compelling content that’s always on-brand.

More must-have tools for brands:

Streamline your creative process and maintain brand consistency at scale.

Brand Guidelines

Give your team written instructions in the editor toolbar, right next to where they design.

Brand Folders

Stay organized by storing all your designs, files and brand assets in shareable team folders.

Design Approvals

Assign team members as approvers to make sure designs are on-brand before they’re published.

Design Import

Import almost anything — from PDFs to PowerPoints — and turn them into editable Canva designs.

Brand Controls

Limit the fonts and colors that the team can use to make sure everyone is designing on-brand.

Real-time collaboration

Co-design with teammates with live, colored cursors, commenting, and task assigning.

Supercharge your team

Give your team game-changing tools to save time, be more productive, and stay on-brand with every design.