Improve your creative workflows

Work better as a team by improving your creative processes with team collaboration tools. From creation to reviews and approvals, workflows are seamless in Canva.
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Save time with team collaboration tools

Good workplace communication can be challenging when teams are creating content, reviewing designs, and launching campaigns at speed. That’s where Canva can help. Canva’s collaboration tools help boost team communication, workflow productivity, and cross team collaboration.


Build faster creative workflows

Canva makes it easy to manage creative project workflows from start to finish – from brainstorming to designing, providing feedback, approvals, and publishing. Invite team members to collaborate on projects, allocate tasks, get approvals, and publish or share directly from the platform. You can oversee multiple team workflows by setting permissions, adding or removing people as you need them, and accessing insights to see which team members last viewed each design and when.

Improve your content creation process

  • Make the creative process easy from start to finish, from creation to approvals to publishing.
  • Invite team members, allocate tasks, and publish or share, all from the one place.
  • Manage multiple teams by setting access permissions, adding or removing people, and tracking team progress with insights.

Work better together

Forget emailing files, chasing feedback, or delayed progress. With Canva, you can effortlessly share work via a link, real-time comments and reactions, version control, and design insights to track progress. Speed up your creative workflow with Brand Kits or branded templates to design on-brand without creating from scratch, and organize your creative assets with team folders.

Collaborate with tools for a streamlined workflow

  • Share work via a link, add real-time comments, and track progress at any stage.
  • Preload Brand Kits with your logos, fonts, and colors, or set up branded templates to collaborate at speed.
  • Find files fast with unlimited folders all in one place, and get 1TB storage for every team member.

Boost your team’s productivity

Strategic communication and stunning visuals aren’t the only benefit. Canva helps boost productivity and reduce design bottlenecks by empowering anyone to design. Plus, you can manage all your content in one place, step up your social game by designing and scheduling posts ahead of time, and integrate Canva with third-party apps to save time and money. It’s the ultimate online collaboration tool for efficiency, transparency, and a seamless creative process.

One creative platform that does it all

  • Boost productivity by empowering anyone on your team to design, allowing designers to focus on the bigger projects.
  • Integrate Canva with third-party apps like Slack, Google Drive, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and all your social media channels.
  • Implement a seamless creative review process with Canva’s design approval workflows that improve team communication.
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"There's so much rapid scaling happening, the only way for a design team to keep up is to create infrastructure around design. Canva has been the perfect solution for that without having to build something custom on our own."

Jenn Proud

Head of HubSpot's Global Marketing Design

Tools to help improve creative workflows

Canva has built-in creative tools for boosting workplace productivity and improving team efficiency.

Start designing with Canva
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Working with a team?

Invite everyone on your team to collaborate on designs with Canva for Teams.

  • Create and collaborate across countries, companies, and departments.
  • Empower anyone in your team to create effective and professional visual content.
  • Use brand management tools to easily build and scale your brand with consistency.
  • Improve your team’s design workflows with easy commenting, reviews, and approvals.

Collaboration and workflow resources

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of a creative workflow management system is to create projects, allocate roles and tasks, and keep the team on track to deliver on time. Canva does all this and more, making it simple to collaborate, even remotely, with the ability to add comments and feedback, get final sign-off, and publish or share content directly from the platform. Features like unlimited folders means files can be accessed by anyone on your team and stored in one place, so nothing gets lost. Brand Kits keep designs on brand, and Canva’s Content Planner empowers teams to design and schedule social posts to better connect with your audience - these are just a few ways Canva helps teams around the world streamline processes and increase speed to market.

Since the ability to share, comment, approve, and publish is already part of Canva for Teams, all you have to do is nominate who in your team will be responsible at each stage. You can do this in the initial brainstorm session using Canva’s brainstorm templates to map out a content management system or throughout the creative process by assigning tasks to individual team members. Simply invite or remove team members as you need them and put Canva’s advanced features to work.

Canva is ideal for working with external parties such as clients, suppliers, PR agencies, or anyone else involved. Files can be shared via a link, so there’s nothing to upload or slow you down, plus you can set view permissions or lock parts of designs to avoid designs being accidentally or intentionally altered. Reviewing work is easy too, as multiple clients or stakeholders can add comments or feedback appearing in real-time so it doesn’t slow down the process, and setting approvals means nothing goes live without final sign-off, whether internally or externally.

Every business requires visual storytelling to communicate effectively and deliver impactful messages. Canva for Teams sets your business up for success with thousands of design templates that anyone in your organization can customize to your needs. You can also set up branded templates to create content that’s always on-brand. Plus, it’s easy to scale and manage the entire design process, no matter the size or requirements of your organization.

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