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Engage your audience through visual communication

Give your team the content creation tools to communicate more effectively and reach, engage, and connect with your audience on any channel.

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Get your message across with more engaging content

In today’s busy world, effectively communicating your product, idea, or brand is critical to growing your business. That's where better visual communication can help. With Canva, you can turn complex information into simple visuals that win over any audience.

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Boost your audience engagement

Audiences respond better when information is visual. Formats like animation, video, social media, and talking presentations make digesting information effortless, resulting in more engaged users and internal stakeholders. Canva makes it easy to create and test visual content with simple professional templates and presentation visuals. Then, you can use those insights to create even more engaging content.

Create powerful content and find new ways to connect

  • Choose from a library of premium content, including video, social, and professional presentation templates, then bring them to life with one-click animation.
  • Test visual content formats across any platform to reach and grow your audience.
  • Monitor how your social media content performs with content insights.

Engage your audience wherever they are

Creating content for any channel is easy with Canva. Access thousands of pre-designed templates for social media and save time designing from scratch or playing with formats. The same goes for eye-catching videos, effective presentation visuals, or pitch decks. Once designed, you can share or publish directly from Canva and even schedule social posts ahead of time, so you never miss an opportunity to connect.

Tell your story in any format, on any platform

  • Choose from over 600k+ customizable templates with high-quality visuals, including 100M+ photos, graphics, video, audio, and fonts.
  • Design and easily resize content for any channel using Magic Switch.
  • Create and schedule posts at optimal times for your audience using Content Planner.
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Spread the word and the workload

Whether you’re selling ideas, crafting professional powerpoint presentations, or influencing stakeholder thinking, you likely don’t have time to do it alone. Invite your whole team to collaborate with Canva, improving your content creation processes and speed to market. Built-in design approval workflows mean you can brainstorm, design, comment, approve, schedule, and publish, all from one place.

Work together to design engaging content

  • Invite your team to create with easy drag-and-drop design tools – no design experience needed.
  • Add more people as you grow - invite them to comment and collaborate in an instant.
  • Access time-saving features like Canva’s Content Planner, Magic Switch, and Background Remover.
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"It is, honestly, a load off of my shoulders. Like many nonprofits, we have a fairly small staff for the scope of work we accomplish and all of us wear many hats. Although marketing would love to be able to create assets for everything that the public sees, it’s just not realistic."

Audrey Saccone

Opera America Digital Media Manager

Engage your audience with visual content tools

Canva’s all-in-one design tools are great for creating engaging content.

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Working with a team?

Invite everyone to create engaging content with Canva Teams.

  • Create and collaborate across countries, companies, and departments.
  • Empower anyone in your team to create effective and professional visual content.
  • Use brand management tools to easily build and scale your brand with consistency.
  • Improve your team’s design skills with easy commenting, reviews, and approvals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re creating internal documents or sharing new product developments with customers, Canva helps present information and ideas in a delightfully simple way. Complex data can be transformed into beautiful charts or infographics, and with access to an entire library of high-quality images, you can tell a compelling story through presentations, social media, talking presentations, and more. You can even pre-load all your brand elements (such as logos, fonts, colors, and images) into Canva’s Brand Kit, so all your communication is easily recognizable by team members and customers alike.

Canva Teams gives you access to 100M+ photos, graphics, video, audio, and fonts at no extra cost. That means it’s easy to find elements to support your social media strategy and make content more engaging. On top of that, Canva’s Content Planner(opens in a new tab or window) means you can schedule social content ahead of time to ensure it reaches your target audience when they’re ready for it. Canva has time-saving features like Magic Resize and Background Remover, allowing you to produce even more engaging content faster. And more content means more opportunities to engage.

There’s no limit to how Canva can support your ambitions. Because it’s so easy to create content, it’s also easy to test new formats and ideas on new audiences. Instead of standard social posts, put Canva’s Instagram Story templates to the test. Or instead of presenting a deck to a limited, small audience, try a talking presentation you can distribute far and wide. By experimenting with the type of content you create, Canva can help you uncover new ways to connect.

Every business requires visual storytelling to communicate effectively and deliver impactful messages. Canva Teams sets your business up for success with thousands of design templates that anyone in your organization can customize to your needs. You can also set up branded templates to create content that’s always on-brand. Plus, it’s easy to scale and manage the entire design process, no matter the size or requirements of your organization.

You can contact our sales team(opens in a new tab or window) to discuss your specific needs.