Hair salon gift certificate templates

Hair salon gift certificate templates

Get all your salon chairs booked with these hair salon gift certificate templates you can makeover from our catalog to shine like your loyal clients’ crowning glory.

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 Hair salon gift certificate templates
 Hair salon gift certificate templates

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Printable hair salon gift certificates by Canva

Many things happen in a hair salon. Gossips are shared. Revenge plans are hatched. Connections are formed. As a salon owner, use this to your advantage and build an engaged client base who will tell their neighbors and friends about your salon chain. It starts with crafting salon gift cards–some you can sell outright while others you can give away to loyal customers.

In Canva, we offer you a catalog of designs for hair salon gift certificates. Choose from various hair salon gift certificate templates with professionally made designs ranging from simple to elaborate. Our pool of graphic artists made sure these designs look beautiful enough to be shared as a gift or a token of appreciation from one salon patron to another. These hair salon gift cards might even bring you new clients. Maybe even convert avid barbershop supporters and diversify your clientele?

Has your wig flown off yet? If you did not answer in the affirmative, it’s time we put our sharpest scissors out. This catalog offers free hair salon gift certificate templates. No hidden charges here. And if that’s not enough, you can also customize these gift certificates for hair salons. After all, you know your client base more than anyone. You know what’s pleasing to their eyes.

Choose one of our templates and tweak it. Change the color to your liking. Modify the font size, make it either smaller or bigger. Type your copy, either short and sweet or long and lively. Yes, it’s just like styling hair. The only difference is, if you screw up, you can start again and pretend it did not happen.

Once you are happy with your gift certificate, go to your trusted printing service provider. Or sign up for Canva Print and get high-quality prints delivered to your home or office. Get your printable hair salon gift certificate ready in time for everyone’s makeover.