Get your business out there with a memorable photography business card that your clients will keep for years.



You’ve gotten yourself published, you’ve created a website–you’re even active on social media! There are many ways to advertise your photography business but nothing can beat going out there, shaking hands, and exchanging cards with potential clients. Even in the 21st century, the ritual of exchanging cards is very much alive. Except now it’s way easier for anyone to create a business card. It’s even easier with Canva, with our ready-to-use layouts, simple drag-and-drop interface, and its wide selection of design elements. Show your individuality and make a name for yourself and your photography business!


  1. 打开Canva网站,选择你喜欢的名片模板
  2. 从Canva的专业平面设计素材库里挑选你心仪的素材,如横幅、图标和边框等。
  3. 除了使用自己上传的图片,你还可以使用Canva图库里超过1百万张精美的版权图片、图形和插画素材为设计加分。
  4. 编辑照片,添加精美的滤镜,为你的设计作品增添文案内容
  5. 最后保存并分享


  1. 修改图片。上传你自己的图片,或从我们拥有1百万张版权图片插画素材的图库中选择合适的素材。
  2. 改变字体超过130种免费字体供你选择。
  3. 修改背景。从Canva的图库中选择背景或使用图片。
  4. 修改颜色。改变文本框或文本的颜色来为设计增加更多美感。


Are you thinking of channeling Ansel Adams with your black and white theme, or Annie Leibovitz with your showcase of celebrity photos? In Canva we have a library of professionally designed themes and as many design possibilities as there are kinds of photography. If you’re feeling extra creative, we also have a wide selection of backgrounds, icons, and photos that you may layout according to whatever style and feel you have in mind. You wouldn’t run out of ideas exploring all the design options right at your fingertips in our layout, text, and background tabs.


What exactly goes in a photography business card? That’s up to you. Let your business card showcase your visual creativity and photography skills. Upload a self-portrait or create an arrangement of all your favorite shots. You may layout one photo and feature it as a background in all its full glory, or crop and arrange several as icons.

使用高度个性化布局 轻松快速制作名片

你可能已经有想要用在名片上的视觉形象。如果没有也没关系,你无须在短时间内绞尽脑汁设计。我们有大量模板,你只需拖放设计元素,就可以根据自己的品牌进行个性化编辑。你还可以上传自己的徽标,使用我们各式各样的字体添加联系方式。你可以在App Store或Google Play下载Canva的 iOS 或 Android应用,在手机设备上随时随地修改自己的摄影师名片。