Charity infographic templates

Charity infographic templates

Spread your advocacy through data and encourage people to make a difference. Browse the best charity infographics from our free customizable templates.

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Charity infographic templates
Charity infographic templates

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Charity infographics by Canva

People encourage goodwill and spread their advocacy often by sharing human stories and appealing to emotions. But presenting data can also effectively show the big picture of what you are advocating. From climate change, zero hunger, curing illnesses, and gender-based issues, statistics show a powerful glimpse of how much or how little has been done to get closer to solving a problem. A charity infographic can help spread awareness about your cause through a beautiful presentation of data.

Infographics help visualize and understand the problems at hand and convince people to become the solution. They can have varied purposes, so an appropriate layout is necessary to help you achieve your objective. Are you advocating for clean air and looking for green, earthy designs? Maybe you’re after charity infographic designs on more abstract ideas such as mental health or gender issues. Will you be creating before and after comparisons? Or, you may want to show a visual progress of what your non-profit organization has accomplished. Browse our gallery of charity infographic templates to find one that suits your needs.

Once you have found your preferred template for your charity infographic, you can customize it freely in your dashboard. From color themes to font styles, to patterns and images—you can change as much as you need to better communicate your purpose. Browse our extensive media library for thousands of stock photo images, illustrations, shapes, and patterns that you can use. Edit the text placeholders with your information and upload your own logos or images, if needed. There’s so much you can do to give your charity infographic a brand new look.

You can collaborate with your team in real-time by sharing a link to your workspace. Once done, download a high-resolution copy to your desktop or cloud drive. Directly share the image through your official social media pages or via email. Print a copy to hang in the receiving area at your non-profit workplace, or send it to us at Canva Print—we’ll take care of your printing needs at an affordable cost. That’s one less problem that needs to be solved!