Pro-choice Instagram Story templates

Pro-choice Instagram Story templates

Leverage your social media platform to advocate for quality and accessible healthcare for women. Customize Canva’s pro-choice Instagram Story templates to share information and resources.

Pro-choice Instagram Story templates
Pro-choice Instagram Story templates

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Pro-choice Instagram Stories by Canva

Instagram Stories aren’t just for fun short clips. When designed well, they can also impart a ton of helpful information. Brands, influencers, and activists use them to create awareness, especially among those with short attention spans.

Let these pro-choice Instagram Story designs from Canva guide you in creating a savvy post about women’s right to have agency over their bodies. Have your stats, slogans, and other details ready, and browse through our selection of layouts. Search by color, style, and theme to find the best pro-choice template to work with for your Instagram Stories.

Once you’ve settled on the layout you like best, get to work customizing it. Type in your pro-choice phrase or quick facts in the provided text box. You can choose to keep the template’s existing font styles and colors. But with Canva’s suggested typography styles, you can also use a different combination that fits your creative vision. Adjust the font size and placement as you go. Consider animating your text for some cool transition effects.

Make your pro-choice Instagram Stories stand out further by modifying the featured visuals. Switch out or add to the pictures, illustrations, GIFs, and short clips already present in the template. Upload any of the files you want to use from your device. Or check out our extensive media library for more options. Drag and drop your choices onto the layout, making sure to fix their placements, sizes, and cropping to maintain overall balance. If you want to include free music in your Story, you can explore Canva’s audio collection as well.

Turn the pro-choice Instagram Story sample into your very own by adjusting the color palette. Change the background hues or specific parts of the featured graphics to make them more vibrant. You can also apply filters to your photos or illustrations to enhance them. Just remember to save your changes so they’re reflected in the final design.

Download your work in JPG or PNG format or as an MP4 file, depending on its content. Now, it’s ready to be uploaded to your Instagram account.