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Canva + Slack

Collaborate on Canva designs in Slack with time-saving notifications and easy design sharing, consolidating all your design projects’ key updates in one place.

Collaborate with ease

Create new designs from Slack and invite your team to work on them. Then keep the project moving at pace with real-time Slack notifications as you collaborate.

Increase productivity

No need to jump into emails to get the latest updates on Canva designs. See all the latest information in one place and stop losing time switching apps.


All you need to work in sync

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  • Slack-Canva-integration-Create-canva-design-image
  • Slack-canva-integration-share-canva-links-image

Frequently Asked Questions

Slack integrations (aka Slack apps) help you work with other online tools and services without leaving your workspace. Choose from Slack’s app directory so you can add and use apps to run custom and specific commands within your channels.

A free version of Slack lets you add up to 10 apps. Meanwhile, there’s no limit to how many apps you can integrate on Slack’s paid plans. Whether you use Canva Free or Pro, you can integrate your account with Slack without any issues.

Anyone with a Canva account can use the Slack integration. If you’re part of a Slack workspace, you might need to reach out to your administrator to request the installation of the app integration.

Head to the Slack app directory to get started using the app. Simply click on the Add to Slack button and follow the commands to connect your account. You can find it on the left sidebar under Apps once installed. Learn more about what you can do with this Slack integration in our Help Center here.

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Canva + Slack

Unlock new capabilities with your Canva account by connecting with Slack.