21st birthday invitation templates

Get the celebration started by gathering everyone on an important milestone with invitations for a 21st birthday party. Personalize one of our free templates and send them to your guests.

 21st birthday invitation templates

Printable 21st birthday invitations by Canva

Turning 21 comes with many privileges like finally hitting the bar or legally buying liquor from a shop. Or if you hope to do something more drastic at 21, you can start driving an Uber or decide to adopt a child.

Yes, reaching the age of 21 is a significant milestone. It’s only right to call for a celebration. And when it comes to parties, the most important thing is getting your fun guests aboard.

Your guest list should include people close to your heart. Get 21st birthday invitations from Canva’s collection of exciting templates. People whom you’re sure will give you the time of your life would love to receive an invite.

Now you do not need to fret about your invites’ look if you don’t happen to have some design experience. Let Canva guide you through the creation of undeclinable invitations. You can scratch off a critical item on your to-do list for your upcoming birthday bash and do more.

Canva’s catalog of birthday invitation templates has got something for everybody. If you like it funky or minimalist, Canva has different layouts tailored for you. There are also designs fit for surprise 21st birthday invitations. Whatever your personality or purpose is, there’s a template suited for you.

To further personalize your free 21st birthday invitation template, you may add texts and elements to match your message. That’s the best part of using these ready-made templates. You can make them even more remarkable by adding graphic images, illustrations, and icons that cater to your specific taste and preferences. Explore thousands of options in our stock library.

It’s only a matter of sharing them with your guest list after finishing your design in minutes. You can either digitally share the invite via social media platforms or print them out and mail them to your loved ones. Even Canva Print can help you get perfect quality finishes with our different print options. Your 21st birthday bash will be a blast.