Quinceañera Invitation Templates

Gather 'round your friends and family for your fabulous fifteenth with a customized quinceanera invitation you can personalize and print out in minutes.

Quinceañera Invitation Templates

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Quinceañera Invitations by Canva

The Quinceañera is a special celebration held on a young lady's 15th birthday, traditionally signaling the girl's transition from childhood to young adulthood. Most commonly celebrated in Latin American communities, the Quinceañera is both a religious celebration and a banquet, wherein the young woman celebrating her birthday wears a ball gown and receives small items such as a tiara, a flower bouquet or even a photo album.

As this is the mark of a child's transition into womanhood, it is understandably a bit more special for her; after all, a 15th birthday will only come once. That's why such an important event requires an equally impressive-looking invitation. Canva has prepared a number of Quinceañera Invitation Templates in case you were interested in choosing a premade layout for your event invitation. Simply select one that you really like, load it in the Dashboard, and then choose from the sheer number of tools at your disposal to enhance specific aspects of the design template. Aside from being able to modify the text, colors and other visual components of the invitation, you can also add a photo of the birthday celebrant as a way of truly personalizing it.

While not everyone in the world celebrates it, the Quinceañera remains an important event in the life of many young women across different cultures. Once your guests receive their Quinceañera invitation, they'll realize that this is a celebration that's well worth taking note of. Make your child's every birthday matter - especially this one - with Canva.