Canva for Educationを活用してオンライン授業を始める方法!


Learning can be conducted anywhere, not just at school. With the development of remote learning services, the learning field has transcended the boundaries of the region, and we are now in an era where we can focus on "how" we are learning rather than "where" we are studying.

Still, effective technology is essential for teachers and students to communicate. That's where Canva for Education comes in. Whether your school has recently moved to remote learning due to class closures or wants to use new exciting and creative tools, Canva for Education is for you.

Canva for Educationとは?

With Canva for Education, you can provide students with a rich, full-fledged learning experience that reflects the challenges they will face in the real world. Intuitive tools for drag-and-drop operations facilitate visual communication and allow students to respond and respond effectively to learning, freeing up more time. If you want to develop remote learning by closing the class, Canva for Education can provide students with more creative and creative learning content while continuing the lessons so far. So this is a way to continue your classes and lessons online.

Reasons to use Canva for Education

Canva for Education is ideal for switching to remote or online classes, and for teachers who want to enhance their classroom creativity. The main advantage is that educators (and all their students) have free access to this platform. There are no usage restrictions.

It's also highly compatible with the platforms you're already using, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Classroom, so you can use other platforms to create an online curriculum tailored to your school or student. I can do it. Canva for Education has easy-to-use design features and single sign-on features that make it easy for students to access without the need for adult help.

As a learning tool, Canva For Education also excels at promoting creativity, strengthening community-agnostic teamwork, and streamlining work.

Canva offers thousands of free infographic templates that will catch your eye on PowerPoint presentations , so you can start using them in your lessons as a learning tool.

Canva for Education features

Access thousands of premium images and graphics

Through Canva, students can create posters, notepads, infographics, presentations and more with over 60,000 templates in total. You also have access to millions of images, thousands of fonts, and over 800,000 illustrations and icons. With Canva, students can create presentations and projects more creatively.

Canva makes it incredibly easy to create any design. Templates make it easy to customize everything from websites to posters. See the Yellow Teal Photo Graduation Events Website and Trash Recycling Classroom Poster templates as examples.


Image by Headway via Unsplash.

Canva allows you to easily customize your design and create your own design content with a simple drag-and-drop operation. The operation is so easy to use that you can easily teach your child how to operate it. As a result, the ease of use of the platform really stands out when it comes to student collaboration. It's easy to share work between students, so you can develop teamwork and collaboration remotely.

A wide range of file formats can be downloaded

Designs created with Canva can be downloaded as JPG, PNG, PDF, PPT, video (MP4) and GIF. So no matter what project you work on, you can produce your designs in a variety of file formats.

How to get started with Canva for Education

To get started, sign up for Canva with your school email account. Next, you can access Canva for Education , check all the services, and then register. Fill out the form and be approved within a minimum of 24 hours for your educational role. Please refer to the video below for details (please turn on Japanese subtitles)

How to share with students

Think of Canva as your own virtual classroom. Canva for Education allows you to talk to students about lessons of the day, request and submit assignments to students, and provide assignment feedback.

For details, please refer to the video below (Japanese subtitles ◎)

Building a virtual classroom

Image by Damien Zalaeski via Unsplash.

Once approved by Canva for Education , you can add students to your virtual classroom.

How to post a work

Once you have selected a Canva template and designed it, you can deliver it to your students. Click the [Publish] button at the top right of the management screen and select the sharing method at the bottom of the navigation. You can post directly to Google Classroom so students can instantly see your design. You can share worksheets , weekly schedules or posters and more. For works related to some students, you can also send a link directly to some students. You can also download the design as a PDF and distribute it. There are multiple possibilities, all of which are listed below the publish button.

How to leave a comment on a student-created design

Leaving feedback is very important as a teacher. Through the online Zulu, you can leave comments on your students' work without being bound by the community. Canva has the ability to leave feedback in your work, and students can also reply to comments. Two-way interaction is possible so that students can ask questions directly about their work and make it clear if they are moving in the right direction.

To leave a comment, just click on the appropriate place in your work. Click the icon with a plus sign to tag the people you want to send comments to. Enter your comment in the text field and click Comment. Recipients will receive the notification and can reply directly to this field.

How to tag students

The tagging feature is useful for both students and teachers, as they are notified each time they comment on a work, allowing them to have an immediate conversation. This tool can also be used for collaborative work between students, so teamwork can be carried out smoothly.

How to submit an assignment

To complete the student's work and send it to the teacher, simply click the Send to Teacher button in the upper right corner, select the teacher from the drop-down menu and click Send. You can also add a comment to the teacher.

With the Canva template, you can ask your students for any assignment. Infographics are a great type of template for projects such as visualizing the results of chemical experiments. Easy to create using templates such as Top Major South America Commodities and Green Illustration Butterfly Timeline Infographic .

If you're looking for an educational tool for remote lessons, check out Canva for Education !