Show off your brand or product with a beautiful, professional label from Canva. Our tools are so easy to use, you'll have your label finished and ready to print in a few simple clicks.

Professional print quality

We’ve partnered with leading printers to bring your designs to life with the best color quality on premium, sustainable paper.

Free delivery

Create beautiful designs using the world’s number one design tool. Then, seamlessly print and send with free delivery with just a few clicks.

Cutting-edge designs

Your unforgettable memories deserve modern and professionally-designed templates with full customization.

Choose the right label type to design

Find a designer-made layout for every type of label, whether it's for your address, water bottle, clothing or wine.

Let us help you easily design a label

Create labels for brand or personal use

Getting started is easy when you've got a step-by-step guide to help you sail through your design.

Find the perfect template for your label

Our template library has hundreds of layouts to suit your needs, or choose a blank label and customize.

Choose a layout and add your message

It's easy to get started with one of Canva's designer-made layouts. After that, it's in your hands. Browse our library of over one million images and icons, play around with font combos and color schemes and end up with a label you're proud to show off.

  • Select a layout to make your label unique
  • Customize your label with icons, colors and fonts
  • Easily download, print or share your label online
Canva editor showing a black food label design

Flexible design for your labels

Not only can you have sleek, professional-looking labels with Canva, but you can also use them for many purposes. Whether you're a business owner or a home maker, you can adjust your labels to suit your needs.

Label it today, update it later

Canva makes it easy to edit your label any time in the future. Change your color scheme or resize and save in different formats.

Use for marketing or productivity

At work, make sure your labels are on brand along with all your other designs. At home, stay organized by labeling your things.

Print at home or order through Canva

You can print your finished label at home or order professional prints through Canva, delivered to your door in less than a week.

All the tools and tips you need in one place

Designing doesn't have to be a solo venture. We've got you covered with guides, courses and tools to make the process easier.

Select a label size

Browse sizes for every theme, whether it's a beer bottle label, storage label or whatever else you need.

Learn how to brand your business

Define your brand with our 12 lesson course. Learn why branding matters to you or your business.

Learn from our design experts

Over at the Canva blog, you'll find articles on smart design to help you craft your masterpiece. Find the inspiration you need to get things moving.

Add the final touch to your brand or product