5 creative design ideas using grids


Grids are a great starting point if you’re looking for design inspiration.

Keep your designs clean and tidy while creating clever compositions by carefully placing your images within grids.

Whether it’s marketing material promoting a collection of products or a moodboard for redecorating, grids keep your graphics looking slick and contained, and are an easy alternative to tricky image formatting.

01. Merge multiple images


Making objects line up and visually merge between two photo holders (coffee cup and wooden pot) is an original way to marry your images within a grid.

Using background images with clear copy space will allow for you to apply type without sacrificing the lines within the image. When your grids feature different sized place holders, make sure you crop images to look their best at different sizes.

02. Section your subject


In the same way grids create order to your design, it’s important to ensure they are styled consistently. Copy the photo filter code to each of your images for a cohesive effect

Don’t overpower your design with color. Drop a more subdued image into the main photo holder, then more saturated images into the smaller ones. Remember to align your type within a section of your design. See how the copy (vegetables) has been evenly evenly centred within the feature photo holder.

03. Create a swatch effect


Fill grid sections with croppings from within your feature image as a ‘swatch’ effect. Choose a photograph for your feature image with plenty of textural or colorful parts for you to pull apart into your swatches.

Grids offer variation, therefore in many cases you might not need to apply any text to your designs.

04. Align your images on a horizon line


Grids don’t need to be complex, nor take up your entire layout. One of the coolest things about grids is their ability to expand with ease. Make them bigger or smaller as you please.

You can drop a swatch color into your photo holder if you don’t want to use an image. Try using a color from your images to keep a consistent aesthetic.

Streamline your imagery – note the flow through from the jetty in the first image to the sea, then the swimming lane marker created by a horizon line.

05. Using grids to tell a story


Using grids is a smart way to tell a visual narrative. Consider your feature image as a book cover, then treat the following images as chapters.

Use a grid with different photoholder sizes to emphasize the step-by-step process. Ensure it feels fluid by choosing images with relative color and content.

Using a combination of filters and cropping, take note of these awesome ways for you to get inventive with grids!