5 strategies for digital marketers in 2019

5 strategies for digital marketers in 2019

A significant part of any digital marketing strategy is to understand the trends that emerge with each new year. In the digital age, trends tend to shift and pivot quickly, so it’s important to create a marketing strategy that is nimble. Below, we list five digital marketing trends that we are we are predicting will be popular in 2019.

A marketer’s role is to build great consumer experiences and to enhance brand awareness. One of the most efficient ways to do this is with social media.

However, with new platforms, different consumption habits, and ever-changing algorithms, it’s impossible to stay still for too long. In fact, year on year, these trends tend to change and marketers must change with it. Whether you’re building your Facebook, Instagram, or WeChat profiles, part of being a successful digital marketer is understanding the social media landscape and being ready to adapt with it.

To help you brainstorm your digital marketing strategy for the new year, we’ve predicted some of the biggest marketing trends that you can expect to see in 2019.

01. Live video

Photo of a smartphone taking a live video

Photo by Obed Hernández via Unsplash

While live video has been around for a while on YouTube, it’s popularity on Facebook and Instagram in more recent times is the perfect opportunity for marketers to engage with their audience in real time.

With the aim of giving your audience an authentic experience, live streaming provides your followers with an unfiltered look behind the scenes of your brand.

Mike Allton, author at The Social Media Hat, recently told Smart Insights that while it’s easy to press a button and stream a video, brands shouldn’t sacrifice quality content. “What's becoming increasingly evident though is that it's not enough to just 'go live'. You have to be able to offer a high production value and deliver excellent, engaging content.”

Marketing tip: If you’re planning on live streaming an event, make sure to promote it beforehand. By simply designing a graphic and adding it to your Facebook or Instagram Stories, you’re likely to increase engagement.

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02. Instagram stories

instagram stories canva templates

Make your Instagram stories engaging by using templates. Check out Canva's template library by clicking on the image.

Many digital marketing experts are placing their bets on the consistent rise of vertical video montages (think Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and SnapChat videos.)

Social media management platform Hootsuite has predicted that stories will continue to perform strongly and grow further in 2019.

“Stories are overwhelmingly visual and meant to be created and consumed on the fly—with nothing more than a smartphone and a creative eye. Because they’re ephemeral—often disappearing after a day—there’s more room for fun and experimentation. Stories feel real, immediate, and intensely personal.”

From a brand perspective, Hootsuite warns brands to keep their brand voice and quality control in mind before posting videos without a strategy attached to them.

Marketing tip: When creating Instagram Stories, record the footage on the app, and download it back onto your device. Once all your desired footage is recorded, you can go back and review each video before posting. This will allow you to check the quality of your footage and upload all your videos together so that you don’t confuse your followers with a broken video story.

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03. Messenger apps and Chatbots

Person using a chatbot to reach out

Messenger apps are a great way to establish a connection between brands and their customers. Photo from Canva's stock photo library.

Like video, messenger apps offer users an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with brands and engage with them more closely than ever before. Take Facebook for example, with Messenger bots, the user can reach out to a brand without needing to leave their social media feed—talk about convenient!

If a user subscribes to a chatbot, companies are instantly given a new avenue for communication.

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04. Secret Facebook groups

Currently, there are three types of groups on Facebook: Public, closed, and secret. To join a closed group you have to be approved by an administrator or invited by a current member.

For the right brands, secret Facebook groups reward users for their loyalty to your brand. Companies often use these groups as an avenue to give users exclusive previews, promotional discount codes and immediate responses to any questions or feedback.

In 2018, an algorithm change made by Facebook prioritized groups over pages in order to foster a sense of community, which is why we’re predicting that groups will become a significant marketing strategy in 2019.

Secret Facebook groups also incentivize users to keep engaging with the product and providing honest feedback—with a close community they are likely to share these ideas more freely.

Facebook has also recently announced that it will be introducing Stories to Groups, which reiterates the social giant’s focus on building the Facebook community through groups.

Marketing tip: Before inviting users to join your group, make sure to design the appropriate brand collateral to add to the group page. This will instantly give your group a polished look and make it feel like a legitimate entity to engage with.

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05. User-Generated content

Person taking a photo with a micro 4/3 camera

Photo by Rico Reutimann via Unsplash

One way marketers have been approaching organic reach is through user-generated content. Last year, it was reported that user-generated posts saw 28% higher engagement than standard brand posts.

As users search for brand authenticity, reviews from trusted influencers and experts serve as the perfect addition to a marketing strategy. In research reported on Social Media Today, it was found that 48% of marketing professionals believe that content created by customers can help humanize their marketing efforts.

Marketing tip: As the central-hub for user-generated content, Instagram is the perfect platform to experiment with this type of content. With regram trends, Instagram Explore and hashtags, there has been a strong integration of product and content in the recent months.

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