Adding variety to your portfolio


To make the most of a photo shoot, you’ll want to produce a variety of photos that will ensure users find exactly what they want.

Below are 8 ways you can do just that:

01. Shoot from different angles

Capture the same scene from different angles—think high up, down low, and eye level. This way, users can choose which one best meshes with other elements in their design.

Pancakes with berries

Photos by Anastasy Yarmolovich


02. Bring a change of wardrobe

Simply having models change wardrobes, you can give the impression that photos were shot at different times and in different places without going through the trouble of actually rescheduling and moving. This is also a great strategy to use one model to represent various professions, social statuses, and more.

Young chemist student working in lab on chemicals

Photos by Elnur Emikishiyev

Man on special diet programm to lose weight

Businessman employee talking on the office phone

03. Make the most of the setting

When you’re on location, be mindful of your surroundings. Look at all the different spots from where you might capture a photo. You can also shoot at different times of the day. If you aren’t on location, you can use backdrops in various colors and textures.

Assortment of Easter eggs

Photos by Olga Zhigacheva

Collection of Easter eggs

Heap of eggs

04. Vary focal lengths

Another easy strategy is to shoot from various focal lengths—far away and up close. This doesn’t only work for people and objects; you can apply the same trick when shooting landscapes or properties, showing various details of the same scene.

Living room in minimalist design

Photos by Stephan Karg

Small cozy living room with large sofa

05. Use different props

Along with backdrop, setting, and time of day, using different props can greatly alter a scene’s mood and theme. This can be applied when shooting both people and objects.


Photos by Danil Nevsky



06. Shoot in portrait and landscape

The same way buyers could create a design in either portrait and landscape, they will need photos captured in a particular orientation, so get ahead and present them with both these options.

Vertical portrait of smiling Hispanic woman

Photos by Cathy Yeulet

Portrait of smiling Hispanic woman against grey wall

07. Tell a story

Shooting with a narrative in mind, you can create different photos and capture different emotions as the story unfolds. Doing so also makes photos authentic, which is something many users are looking for these days.

Sport Practice With Father Teaching Son How To Play Soccer

Photos by Diego Cervo

Happy Black Family Walking In City Park With Picnic Basket

Father Mother Son Eating Food During Picnic On Summer Holidays

08. Post process

When you post process photos, you can subtly change their colors and crop them to present users with more options. Just avoid over-editing or using too many filters, so photos still look natural.


Photos by Jana Bishop



With any or all of these 8 strategies, you can add variety to your portfolio, presenting users with more options and getting a better chance of earning from just one photo shoot.

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