An easy guide to cool color combos

An easy guide to cool color combos

Whether it’s neon, neutral, pastel or monochrome, color conveys the tone of your design and helps visually illustrate a story by evoking mood and feelings. Combining these color combos is often the hardest part, in this post we show you how to bring together the correct hues and apply them bringing harmony to your designs.

An Easy Guide to Cool Color Combos

Handy Hint - Download the ‘Eyedropper for Chrome’ to help pick up the colors you like straight from the webpage. Here is a little glossary to help you with your tour, and guide you through the color families.


1Naturally Neutral

Naturally Neutral ƒ

‘Linen’f1eae2  and ‘Grey Plum’ 74475d 

  • The neutral color family is great to use for designs with earthy, organic or natural content.
  • Pick out the tones from the inside of your color wheel, with your brightness slider hard left to achieve peaceful and calming color combinations.
  • Extra tip - to create a neutral effect to your images, you can either increase the transparency or decrease the saturation on the advanced filters.

2 Next Level Neon

Design with your personality ƒ

‘Turquoise’ 1de5c7 and ‘Darks Late Grey’ 4f5352 

  • Neon colors are on-trend at the moment, making them exceptional choices for your social channel posting.
  • Contrasting your chosen neon elements with a dark background will increase legibility and ensures the  vibrancy of the turquoise is maximized.
  • Extra tip - I have used Raleway font to keep the design looking modern, fresh and in-line with the youthful color selection.

3Pale, Pretty, Pastel

Spring Cherry Blossom

‘Lavender Blue’ 90c6df and ‘Dusty Pink’ daa9c8 

  • Pastel colors are soft and feminine, a lovely compliment to floral or nursery subject matter and other elegant content.
  • Using a white circle to contain your text is a great tool when applying pastels, as it’s hard to achieve a defined contrast when using this pale color palette.
  • Extra tip -  Use a graceful serif font (see font pairing tutorial) to help your pretty colors sing.

4Minimalistic Monochrome

Fresh Start ƒ

‘Crimson’ eb2d53 and ‘Pale Violet Red’ db7386

  • A mono-combo consists of tints of the same hue (one color) ie. the graphic above combines different shades of strawberry red.
  • By adding a textural background image, you can reduce the flat affect which is common when using a limited palette -  this creates indifference you would usually create when using multiple hues.
  • Extra tip - When your content gives you a color to play with - as the strawberry yoghurt has, try and include the theme within your design.

We hope these color combinations will inspire you to create some beautiful new Canva creations. We can't wait to see them!