Branding basics: An introduction


The correct visual use of your typefaces, color palette and images together is an imperative part of the brand development process.

It doesn’t matter if your brand is a large-scale company or a part-time passion, the importance of branding consistency throughout your marketing can not be faulted.

We give you some awesome insider tips to help you look at your brand a little differently, and potentially start creating your very own guidelines.

01. Your Brand Essence

This is the style that your brand will reflect that is respective to the product that you are selling.


It is easiest to start with the main goals, or ideas which your brand will be focusing on.

Consider how your brand would be summed up by a consumer — whether it’s masculine or feminine, natural or man-made.

How would you describe your brand?

It might help to create lists of words which speak for your brand. This will help you find the fitting visual response for your graphics.

02. Your Brand Colors

Color gives your brand the ability to hone in on different moods.


Choose your colors in order of importance, from the one you will use the most, which you want to be the primary voice of your brand, to the ones you will use the least — for your secondary palette.

Keep your palette sharp — use colors that are going to be functional as well as visually effective, ensuring there are good contrasting tones to layer text on flat colored backgrounds.

Remember colors can be the heart of your brand — they should be carefully chosen before making a logo, or designing your business cards.

Your Brand Typefaces

Is your brand traditional or modern? The typefaces you choose will effect the way your brand is depicted by the audience.


05. Your Brand Images

Whether it’s with tints, vibrance, saturation or blurring, how you manipulate your images will set a mood for your brand.


Consistency is key — ensure your filters have the same synchrony as the other elements within your style guide.

The images chosen all have slight reference to the colors in the brand color palette (the greys and the cream). Given the fairly muted tone of this brand identity, the saturation was decreased on the advanced sliders.

Branding is an amazing and exciting way to get in touch with your inner-creative. Spend some time practicing these exercises, we look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

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