How to create amazing infographics

How to Create Amazing Infographics

How can you make complex information eye-catching, shareable and easily digestible? It's simple: Infographics.

Most importantly, they play a crucial role in the increasingly visual world of marketing.

Did you know that adding images to your Facebook posts can generate up to 65% more interaction from your fans?

To put these skills into practice, leap into the interactive design tutorial at the end of this article.

01. Place numbers inside shapes

how to create an infographic

Shapes help contain your content and create visual focus. Numbers and statistics are the heart of powerful infographics—make sure they stand out!

Canva design tip: You can search ‘shapes’ or ‘infographics’ in the Canva search bar to navigate hundreds of different options. Remember you can easily change the color and size of shapes to suit your design.

02. Present numbers visually

how to create an infographic

Ever needed to present weekly statistics or work, or tried pitching a new business idea to investors? Whatever the case, using visuals to represent facts and figures gives you the greatest chance of creating impact.

Canva design tip: Explore the range of graphic elements available in the ‘Infographics’ section of your Canva search bar. If your survey or data reveals an extremely high or significant statistic, this is a great opportunity to grab your viewers attention by adding visual emphasis.

03. Create a visual index using consistent elements

How to create an infographic

Allow your viewer’s eyes to pass seamlessly over your design by creating a visual index. This is a great way to break down complex information or create a visual narrative.

Because your index will link together, make sure you use your visual assets consistently. For example, see how a yellow circle has been applied repetitively to create cohesion in this design.

04. Use color to make your information stand out

how to create an infographic

Increase the impact of your infographics using color. Go for bright colors that jump off the screen and increase the chance of getting your information noticed.

05. Use lines to create a visual map

Use lines to map your infographics

As well as using shapes, illustrations and icons to create your infographics, map your information where relevant using lines. Make sure you use a simple line that doesn’t take away from your other visual elements.

Add infographics into the mix to improve your social media or marketing strategy! Try these hands-on skills by completing the interactive tutorial below.

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