Creating Christmas cards with Canva

Zach Kitschke

Today we launch an exciting new feature that allows you to send beautifully designed cards to friends and family. Read on for the  full announcement...

Each year we spend hours waiting in checkout lines, licking dozens of icky stamps and worrying that snail mail won’t get our holiday messages to friends and family in time.

Perhaps that’s why less cards are being sent now than ever before. And sheeeesh, the decline isn’t slowing down: the number of greeting cards posted has dropped 24 percent in the past decade. But no surprises there — it’s often the last thing on our mind with countless family gatherings, presents to organise and the mad holiday shopping rush.

 Canva Christmas

So what if you could say a heartfelt ‘Happy Holidays’ to the people you care about with a stunning personal design that’s just as sentimental as a handwritten note, but super quick and simple to create? Forget the text message; hold that Facebook post. Heck, why not make this Christmas a bit more special…

 Canva Christmas (1)

Today we unveil a cracker of a Christmas surprise ahead of the silly season. We're excited to launch a stunning collection of entirely customisable, beautifully designed Christmas cards you can send to anyone. Want to know how to create a spectacular looking card with Canva? Here’s the 1-2-3…

  1. Choose one of the 30+ stunning hand-crafted designs

  2. Customise the card however you like; add family photos, write a personal message, change the graphics, or even create your own from scratch

  3. Pick the email or Facebook contacts you want to send it to, and… badda bing -- you’re done!


Canva CEO Melanie Perkins said that Canva wants to make it easy for people to create and share their own designs with people they care about, and receiving personalised Christmas cards is something everyone appreciates.

Canva Christmas (2)

“Together with the world’s best photographers, designers, and illustrators, we’ve set out to introduce beautiful design to everyone. This Christmas, we want to give more people the ability to craft something special for family and friends,” she said.

“Designing with Canva is as simple as choosing a layout, searching our library of 1 million images and graphics, or uploading your own, then clicking ‘Publish’.”

Make Christmas a little more special this year by heading to

Canva Christmas (3)