Creating images that sell


So you’re growing your portfolio, but you’re not so sure where to start. Here are some things you can do to start:

01. Look at trends

One of the best ways to ensure your images sell is to look at trends—who is using stock photos and illustrations, and what are they using them for?

Find out by looking at social media, news and current events, pop culture, demographics, social issues, holidays and celebrations, and works of other artists. You can also check out the newsletters we send out every month to find out what exactly our users are looking for.


Photo by Kaspars Grinvalds

02. Think out of the box

While trending themes are important, you can also consider unique subjects. This way, if users want something unusual, yours will be the one that meets their needs. Look at themes people tend to look past.

thinking child

Photo by Yuganov Konstantin

03. Tell a story with your photos

Create photos that tell a story. Photos that tell a story are natural, and this is becoming the trend for many businesses and publishers. They don’t want stocky photos; they want photos that show what’s really going on. Keep photos authentic.

Female skaters friends hangout at skate park

Photos by Jacob Lund

Woman skateboarding at park with friend sitting on ramp

04. Compose photos well

Look at the colors, lights, composition, and sharpness of your photos. High quality photos are always the first to catch users’ eyes. Avoid awkward cropping, unbalanced negative spaces, and irrelevant elements that could make your photos less usable for users. Additionally, if you want to use pre-set filters or heavy retouching styles, make sure they blend well with the overall theme.


Photo by Jennifer Fu

05. Think of the design

Finally, think of where, when, and how buyers might use your images. How will images look in a poster, an invitation, a book or magazine cover, a social media post, and other designs users might create in Canva? Think like a user and how they can incorporate your images in their designs.


Photo by Nikolina Petolas


Keep these in mind as you grow your portfolio, and you can be sure to produce images that sell well to our users.

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