Four ways to develop an epic Facebook brand

Kelly Elkin

Nowadays it seems mandatory to have a multitude of social media platforms. Striving to get quality content, we can often forget what we look like! To save customer confusion and sustain a strong brand image, a consistent visual style needs to move fluidly over all platforms. In this post, we look at the what makes a strong Facebook brand identity.


The decisions you make  about colour, type and layout, become your visual voice. Whether it’s a solo job or team effort, it is important to give yourself style guidelines and stick to themes.

1 Get inspired

Creating a consistent visual voice is often similar to designing a range of products. Start off with some inspiration; identify key concepts, image styles and colours that align with your brand or business. Think about how these can be implemented throughout each medium, they can vary slightly and have their own unique twist but make sure you always go back to the moodboard for reference.

2 It's all about the templates


Templates can save a lot of time and are an easy way to make unique content fit together.  If you regularly post quotes, sales or specific campaigns, create a strong base template for each style of visual post. The team behind Finders Keepers are renowned for their strong branding, and it extends to the organisation's Facebook page. The example above shows how simple yet effective templates can be created by utilising borders and a signature font.

Images can also have a template — rounded edges, bordered — as long is it fits in with the 'feel' of your business. Customers will start to recognise your social media look and feel.

3 Know your font


Font is another important one. Like your website and logo, you need to limit your fonts and use them for specific posts. The Facebook posts above by fashion brand Honest By, are a perfect example of using a strict hierarchy of type with a consistent layout. It looks clean, uncluttered and gives you the important stuff, all while staying on brand. What font will you use for sale posters? Quotes? Figure it out then stick with it!

4 Claim it


Watermarks and tags can be a nice subtle way to get repetition and consistency. Some people say it takes three times for people to see a logo to remember it, others say seven. Basically if you can develop a tasteful way to incorporate your logo or catch phrase on an image it helps! In the corner or across the bottom are prime spots, but make sure it isn’t too big.

The organisation 1 Million Women has managed to puts a watermark on each of its campaign images without overcrowding. It's obvious, however doesn't lose your focus on the post.

In this digital age, it’s not just about having an ‘on brand’ website, your social platforms are arguably more important. They are an integral part of letting your brand's personality shine. With this in mind, ensure your layouts and posts are well balanced and always in line with your style, a good looking feed tells a thousand words.