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Everything you need to know about Canva’s new pricing (and how to build your content around it)

“A change is as good as a holiday.” It’s an expression that applies not only to the importance of novelty in our daily routines (as life in lockdown has proven) but also to marketing campaigns.

If you’ve been part of our affiliate program for a while now, you’ve likely been talking about Canva Pro’s time-saving, design-boosting benefits until you’re blue in the face. But, as much as you could rave about Canva all day long, perhaps you’re starting to feel like a bit of a broken record. You need a fresh new angle to hook in your audience and reignite their interest.

The good news is, we’ve got just the thing to get you even more excited about promoting Canva— and to get your audience excited! We’ve just launched the new team pricing, which makes it even easier and more affordable for teams to design together and collaborate on Canva Pro.

Here, we’re covering everything you need to know about our exciting new pricing change — and how you, as an affiliate, can promote it to increase your commission.

What you need to know about Canva Pro’s new team pricing

Our pricing change is a global initiative to encourage even more teams to experience the design magic of Canva Pro. As a world-class collaborative, team-first product, we want to encourage our users to create in real-time together, from anywhere in the world. Here are all the details you need to know:

  1. The new pricing allows users to achieve more on Canva Pro with their teams. For just US$12.99/month, for up to 5 people, users and their team can unlock everything Canva Pro has to offer.
  2. When a user signs up through your affiliate link, they will get access to Canva Pro for 30 days for free. After that, they will pay a flat rate of US$12.99/ month (or local equivalent), and will be able to invite up to 4 people to team up with them on Canva Pro, at no extra cost.
  3. Any additional team member is US$7/month.
  4. The pricing change will not affect your commission rate as an affiliate — it simply gives your audience more opportunity to use Canva Pro affordably with their team
  5. Users can grow their team with additional team members at $7 US per month (which is around a 45% off discount).
  6. This is not a promotion, but a global pricing change. So, you can promote it for as long as you like.
  7. This new team pricing applies to all international markets, so be sure to check the price in your regional area when promoting it to your audience.
  8. The 5-for-1 pricing is available for Free solo and team users and Pro solo team users. Existing Pro team members (regardless of organization size) aren’t eligible for the new pricing.

How to promote Canva’s 5-for-1 pricing change in your affiliate content

Now, you have all the key details for the Canva Pro price change. But, in order to effectively pitch this update to your audience, you need to communicate not only the features but the benefits. What is the transformation the new team pricing model can create in your audience’s life? It’s important to paint a vivid picture, so your audience understands why exactly they should team up on Canva Pro.

Here are some enticing angles you can use in your affiliate content to promote the pricing change:

Highlight the power of collaboration

You likely already have people in your audience who work in teams — whether they’re employed at a company, or have contractors or employees in their business. They may be already using other expensive, cumbersome design tools at their organization, and not realize how much easier it could be. Or, perhaps they’re not collaborating on design at all yet, because it’s being siloed in a certain department, or outsourced to external designers.

This is your opportunity to communicate to your audience how fun, easy and affordable design collaboration can be. Canva’s ‘Team’ feature allows users to work together in real-time, posting, commenting, and resolving feedback as they go. In doing so, teams can streamline their creative process and eliminate the need for unnecessary meetings. Great things also happen when you have multiple people collaborating on design — you can dream up new ideas and solutions you might not have otherwise ever thought of.

Some time-saving Canva Pro features you can highlight to your audience include:

  1. Real-time collaboration: Live editing and comments allows teams to design quickly and seamlessly. No more requests getting lost in long email chains or Slack threads!
  2. Version control: Forget about accidentally sending outdated versions of designs to team members. Autosaving and version history allows you to always share the most up-to-date versions
  3. Synchronized designs: Shared Brand kits and templates ensure everyone on the team is on the same page visually. That means more on-brand and consistent designs!
  4. Team organization: Brand folders help keep all team design assets organized and ensure everyone has access to what they need to
  5. Built-in privacy: Teams no longer have to worry about having ‘too many chefs in the kitchen’ or privacy breaches. You can choose exactly who on your team has access to which designs

With the new pricing model, up to 5 people on a team get access to these game-changing features, for the price of just one membership.

Help them save up by teaming up

Let’s be honest — everyone loves to save money! No matter whether your audience is full of high-flying entrepreneurs or university students, almost everyone can benefit from a little more cash in their pocket. So, be sure to focus on the potential cost-savings in your messaging, in a way that’s relevant to your specific audience.

For example, maybe your target audience includes creative service providers who contract for agencies. Perhaps they’re currently using the free version of Canva but could convince their employer to sign up for Canva Pro so that all of their contractors can access all the next-level tools in one convenient place.

You can also think outside the box when it comes to communicating the potential monetary savings. Say your audience is made up of skilled consultants and coaches, with an hourly rate of $500. Sure, they could DIY their own design for their business, but that’s not a great return on time investment for them. But, if they were to pay $12.99 per month for Canva Pro, that frees up their time for more lucrative endeavours.

Focus on the long-term vision

Whether you’re active in the art space or have an audience of online business owners, your audience likely has big dreams for their lives. And, let’s face it — big dreams call for big (or small!) teams.

Remind your audience that alone, they can go fast but with others, they can go far (and even faster!). If they’re going to turn their dreams into a reality, they are going to need to collaborate and delegate at some point — whether it’s a contractor to help them with their social media or a full, in-house team. So, there’s truly no downside for them to start experiencing the magic of Canva Pro as a solo user for now — and then they can add up to 4 users at no extra cost when the time to expand comes.

Emphasize improved workflow and productivity

Sometimes, the most effective marketing focuses not on what your audience wants, but what they don’t want. One excellent way to promote Canva Pro as an affiliate is to focus on some of the common pain points your audience experiences. What are those small, niggling problems that add up lots of frustration and lost hours?

For example, there’s nothing worse than spending an hour working on a design, only to forget to save it and lose everything. But, as a cloud-based solution, Canva’s ‘auto save’ feature gives you the peace of mind that you’ll never lose a design. Or, perhaps your audience can relate to the frustration of running out of space on your computer to save all their designs. With over 100 GB of cloud-based storage, Canva Pro means they’ll never have to clog up their desktop or download folders again!

Another common gripe — especially for social media managers and marketers — is having to manually resize all of their graphics for multiple platforms. But, Canva Pro’s ‘magic resize’ button allows users to resize one design into the perfect size for every platform with one click.

With the new team pricing, Canva Pro users get access to these time-saving features at scale. That means, whether they’re flying solo or as part of a small team, they can always count on a streamlined, frustration-free workflow and time-saving design tools.

Expand their design horizons

Some people still solely associate graphic design with logos. In your affiliate content, it’s important to educate your audience that it’s so much more than that. With Canva Pro, users get access to over 250,000 premium templates of over 100 different design types. This means that there are endless possibilities for your audience to explore, for both their personal and professional life.

Perhaps your audience wants to use Canva alongside the partner to design invites for their wedding, or an itinerary for an upcoming trip. Or, they can use it themselves at home, to pursue a creative hobby, like designing t-shirts or starting a blog or YouTube on a topic they’re interested in. Maybe they want to impress their colleagues by creating an eye-catching slideshow for a presentation they have coming up? The new team pricing allows them to experiment with design and collaborate with others in all the different areas of their life — at one, affordable price.

Teaming up to save up isn’t just about saving money — it’s also about the freedom, connection, collaboration, inspiration, productivity, and creativity your audience will gain. Highlight the transformation that teaming up on Canva Pro can create, and you’ll be making commission sales in no time.

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