Featured blogger: Interview with Ian Cleary


Ian Cleary, aka ‘the social media tools guy’, is a mediapreneur, speaker and technology expert who specialises in sharing unbiased information about social media tools through his award-winning website, RazorSocial. We caught up with Ian to find out how he increased his blog traffic using Canva, what trends he's predicting for 2014 and get his top tips for blogging.

Featured Blogger

What sorts of things do you use Canva to design? How has this improved your blog traffic/engagement?

I use Canva for images for the blog and for presentations for social media conferences that I speak at. The images I create with Canva save me money and time because they are easy to put together.  I don't need to get a designer any more.

Visitors to the blog are attracted by good images so it also improves engagement.  Since using Canva the amount of traffic from Pinterest has increased by 400% because the amount of images pinned from our site has gone up dramatically.

Do you have any tips for creating effective blog graphics?

I always put the title of the post in the image. When images are shared or pinned it means that when people see the image they understand what it's related to.

What are the top three blogs you read?


Razor Social

Ian Cleary increased his Pinterest traffic by 400% using Canva

Do you have any tips for anyone getting started with blogging?

Identify a niche and build your content around this. Without a clearly identified niche it's more difficult to establish yourself as an expert. When writing content make sure to do your keyword research and write content that people are searching for.

Optimize your content for Google so that you get ongoing traffic to your blog post. If you don't optimize your content you'll get some traffic in the short term but none on an ongoing basis. This means your blog will not be effective.

Razor Social 2

"Visitors to the blog are attracted by good images so it also improves engagement" — Ian Cleary

You cover social media tools and technology: what trends do you think we'll be talking about in 2014?

There will an increase in management tools available through a mobile device and businesses will be able to use their mobile for all social related management activity.

A lot of tool providers that provide a free service will go out of business and more businesses will start paying for tools. There will be a lot of new tools related to Google+ as it becomes an increasingly important platform.

Where can people find you on the Interwebs?

Razor Social: www.razorsocial.com
Twitter: @iancleary
Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/iancleary
Facebook: www.facebook.com/razorsocial