3 fresh font pairings to inspire your designs


Remember to keep broadening your creative horizons by getting experimental with font pairing.

We are always adding to our ever-extending suite of fonts to help educate and evolve your design skills. These additional typefaces give you the tools to apply aesthetic variations to your graphics.

01. Divine display

Quicksand new font

Inspired by Art Deco style typefaces, Sifonn is a cool, clean and strong display font, designed by Barcelona based Rafa Goicoechea. The combination of Sifonn with Josefin Sans is a modern pairing – try it out in your next design.

02. Go geometric with Quicksand

Siffon New Font

Influenced by 1920’s-30’s geometric typefaces, you will fall in love with this lovely font. The seductive tail on the capital Q will have you hooked.

Quicksand offers stylistic lines with short, rounded caps (ends of the letters). As a bold style it has kind, smooth edges and sits beautifully with a little letter spacing.

03. Source for everyone

Source New Font

Introducing Source Sans and Source Serif. These little beauties are versatile and easy to apply to most kinds of design. For you font-pairing nuts, these are also an excellent example of marrying up a serif and a sans serif to create typographic harmony.

We look forward to seeing how you apply these crisp new fonts to your graphics, remember to keep an eye out for other new features, elements and typefaces in Canva. Happy font-pairing!