32 green logo designs that will inspire you

32 green logo designs that will inspire you

Green is a classic choice when it comes to branding, and one that’s unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. From Starbucks to Spotify, some of the world’s biggest and most recognizable brands have used green in their logos. Not only does green pair beautifully with many other colors, it’s extremely versatile—taking on different personalities depending on the shade and depth.

Here, we delve into the symbolism and meaning behind the color green, and share 30 beautiful green logo designs to inspire your next creation.

What is the color psychology behind green?

You may be wondering why color is so important when it comes to designing a logo. Put simply it comes down to color psychology. Color psychology is the understanding of how hues can shape human perception and behavior.

For example, there are many different color associations that might come to mind when we think ‘green’—such of nature, the emotion of envy and green traffic lights that tell us when it’s time to ‘go.’

This speaks to the versatility of green in branding, it can make us feel many different ways depending on the hue and how it’s used. Like its color wheel neighbour blue, it can be calming, soothing and relaxing. However, it’s also the color of vitality, so can be lively and energizing.

What kind of brands use green in their logos?

Due to its versatility, green branding is popular in many different industries. It’s often used in the banking and finance industry, perhaps due to the association of green money notes (especially for companies in the US). It's also popular with healthcare companies and those that want to give their branding a natural and organic feel.

Essentially, green is a great choice for any brand that wants to give their logo a positive and lively feel. Here are 30 brands that have done just that.

1. Use green icons

Green logo_Shopify

Via Looka

The light green icon in this logo for eCommerce platform Shopify exemplifies financial wealth and growth) This pop of color is perfectly balanced with the otherwise monochromatic color scheme and clean typography.

2. Pair it with peach


Via Behance

This logo for cocktail bar Atrio is a great example of the versatility of green. Here, the moss green shade exudes understated elegance. This creates a striking contrast against the peach typography and gives the branding a cool, modern feel.

3. Lighten up

Green Logo_SWC

Via Looka

This logo uses a lighter, more yellow-toned green to lend a softer feel to a traditionally unsexy profession—waste clearance. This is further complemented by the white typography and use of symbolic, circular icons.

Want to give a design nod to this soft and inviting logo? Canva’s Green Modern Environment Logo is the perfect jumping-off point.

4. Stay consistent

Green Logo_Starbucks

Via BrandCrowd

While Starbucks’ iconic mermaid logo has evolved over the years, the green—which was chosen by the owners as an emblem of growth, freshness and—has remained consistent. In 2020, it continues to be instantly recognizable as belonging to the coffee house, no matter where in the world you are.

5. Go deep

Green Logo_Legacy

Via Looka

Unsurprisingly, green is a popular choice for landscaping and grass-cutting companies. Legacy has opted for a deeper green that gives their branding  a cool, modern feel, especially when overlaid with the cut-out logo and illustrations.

6. Layer your greens

Green Logo_HealthFox

Via Dribbble

This logo for Health Fox uses two different shades of green—a lighter and a darker shade—to create extra depth and visual interest. This remains consistent in their other visual branding through the use of gradient, creating a consistent and harmonious effect.

7. Have fun with it

Green Logo_Golf

Via Hative

Featuring a bright, green palette, this logo emanates fun and playfulness—perhaps in attempt to attract a younger audience to a traditionally ‘older’ sport. This refusal to take themselves too seriously can also be seen in the clever use of golfstick icons to spell out the name.

8. Use green in your typography

Green Logo_TechCrunch

Via Looka

You don’t always have to just use green in the background of your logo—it also works well in the typography. But if you’re afraid of going overboard, you can always just die your toe in the water like digital media company Tech Crunch has done, and dip your toe in the water. They’ve balanced out their green logo and text with some black typography, which actually helps it stand out more.

9. Add light and shade

Green Logo_Green Moon

Via Hative

The dark, mossy background does much of the heavy lifting in this branding for Iranian restaurant, Green Moon, but the use of lighter shades and gradient further adds a mystical feel.

10. Go bright and bold

Green Logo_Spotify

Via Brandcrowd

Another instantly recognizable logo, musical streaming service Spotify doesn’t shy away from green in its branding! Their use of neon green in both their text and icon perfectly compliments their bold, fun and modern brand personality.

Ready to show up and stand out, just like Spotify? Canva’s Green Connection Internet Logo template has a similarily bright and bold aesthetic you can make your own.

11. Say hello to green and yellow

Green Logo_Happy Turtle

Via Hative

Despite sitting so close to each other on the color wheel, green and yellow go together surprisingly well. In this logo, the pairing creates a cute and cheerful feel that would be perfect for a childcare brand.

12. Try some lime

Green Logo_Perfect Poke

Via Dribbble

Lime is the perfect choice for a logo for a Poke restaurant, a Japanese-Hawaiian fusion dish of diced, raw fish. It immediately makes the viewer think of fresh ingredients, which is particularly important with this style cuisine! This is complemented with the beachy, white typography and clever, hand/fish icon.

13. Pair with navy

Green Logo_Hawthorne Apparel Co

Via Looka

Navy and lime green are a match made in heaven for menswear brands, as seen in this logo for Hawthorne Apparel Co. They create a stunning contrast when used together, and appear mature and polished without looking too boring.

Want to recreate this look in your own logo? Check out the Blue and Neon Green Neon Basketball Logo template in Canva.

14. Get experimental

Green Logo_Herbloom

Via Dribble

Who would have thought that an almost-brown green could look so inviting? In this typography project, it’s been paired with a pale yellow to create an earthy yet feminine logo. The takeaway? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades of green on the color wheel until you find one that works your brand.

15. Get that teal feel

Green Logo_Brisk

Via Dribbble

Teal—green’s younger, cooler cousin—has become a popular fixture in the design world recently. This is largely due to the fact that it instantly gives branding a fresh, contemporary feel, as you can see in this logo project for Brisk.

Want to steal some design inspiration from this teal logo? Get the look with Canva’s Dark Teal Modern Community & Not Profit Logo template 

16. Hit ‘go’ with green

Green Logo_Talking Wheels

Via Dribbble

In many parts of the world, we associate a green light with ‘go’, and this logo for a bicycle company uses that to their advantage. Using green in both their typography and logo background, their branding instantly invokes a sense of adventure and freedom.

17. Go dark

Green Logo_Oakheart Estate

Via Dribbble

A very dark, moss green has been used as the backdrop for this logo for an upscale housing project. It gives the branding an elegant and upmarket feel, especially when combined with the almost-gold accents and classic typography.

Ready to take moss green for a spin? Canva’s Bordered Games Logo template is ready for your customize.

18. Make it mint

Green Logo_Monarch Redesigns

Via Looka

Mintier greens can signify transformation or a new start, which is fitting for a logo for a home decoration company! The icon of the butterfly further adds to this symbolism, creating a beautiful and uplifting logo.

19. Complement green with white

Green Logo_Eagan

Via Dribbble

As you’ll see in many of these logos, green and white is a popular color combination. Using white helps prevent green from being too harsh or overpowering on the eyes, and creates a more harmonious feel. You can see this in action for this logo for the city of Eagan in Minnesota.

20. Go subtle

Green Logo_Prosper Pantry

Via Dribbble

Using green in your logo doesn’t always have to be ‘in your face.’ By using a very dark shade of green in your typography—as Prosper Pantry has here—it can appear almost black, but helps to give your logo some extra interest and visual depth.

21. Use green accents

Green Logo_Black Cactus

Via 99Designs

In this logo for a beauty brand, a light, almost-brown green has been used to accentuate the earthy, natural aesthetic. This shows proves that you don’t always have to go the full-mile with green—you can simply use pops of it to elevate your branding.

22. Work with gradients

The Smile Space drib

Via Dribbble

In this logo project for dentist office The Smile Space, a green gradient (when one color gradually changes into another) has been used in their icon. This helps to create a friendly and relaxing aesthetic, especially when combined with the ‘smile’ symbol

23. Double up on your greens

Green Logo_Succulent Strong

Via Dribbble

While many brands choose to use complimenting or contrasting colors with green, there’s really no hard and fast rules when it comes to design. Layering different shades of green on top of each other can actually be very powerful—as you can see in this logo for pop-up flower shop, Succulent Strong. However, they have also artfully added pops of other color to stop the logo from feeling too same-same.

Want to double up on the green in your logo? Canva’s Sage Green Illustrated Leaf Environment Logo can easily be personalized with your own fonts and icons.

24. Pair with purple

Green Logo_Team Stag

Via Dribbble

Purple and green is another unexpected color combination that just works. It exudes both energy and power, which is why it’s a popular choice for sporting brands. You can see this in action in this electrifying logo for an esports brand, but it’s also evident in some sport teams logos like The Hornets.

Want to invoke a similarly sporty feel in your own logo? The Purple and Green Modern Sports Logo template in Canva will help get you started on the right track!

25. Tie your logo together with green

Green Logo_Raid

Via Looka

This logo uses a diverse  color scheme, but it’s actually the use of green that brings it all together seamlessly. This can be seen in the light green in the icon and line work, but also in the darker green text along the bottom.

26. Pair with pastels

Green Logo_Atalaya

Via Dribbble

In this logo for hotel Atalaya, various shades of green have been used to add contrast to a pink, pastel color scheme. This creates a soft, relaxing feel that’s almost reminiscent of the 1950s art deco Miami aesthetic. It’s both modern and retro at the same time, and it works.

27. Add a hint of green

Green Logo_Brandoxide

Via Dribbble

Green can be used to add some extra ‘wow’ factor to an otherwise simple and monochrome logo. You can see this in action in this logo for brand design studio Brandoxide. The green only takes up a small surface area in the little ‘x’, but that hint of color makes all the difference.

Want to create a similar effect in your own logo design? Canva’s Black With Green Cube Computer Logo is ready to make your own!

28. Experiment with shapes and lines

Green Logo_Humble Surrounding

Via Dribbble

From the illustrated flowers to the curved typography of the logo, the finer details are what brings this logo to life. The use of green helps add separation with the yellow sunbean icons and gives the branding a soft and natural feel.

29. Play with dimensions

Green Logo_Matcha Life

Via Dribbble

Using a unique embossed effect, this logo has an almost three-dimensional quality. The use of green plays a big role in this, with the green shading adding depth to the black typography—and vice versa, on the illustration of the rolling hills.

30. Let your icons do the talking

Green logo_Endline Cafe

Via 99Designs

Any cafe worth its weight in coffee beans knows that serving great java should be their focus. This is reflected in this logo for Endline Cafe. Thanks to the green shading, the viewer’s eye is instantly drawn to the icon of the steaming hot coffee.

Want to make a green icon the focus of your design? Canva’s Green Leaf Agriculture Logo is the perfect place to start.

31. Blend it with blue

Green Logo_Project Sustainable

Via 99Designs

Green and blue is another complementary color combo that creates a harmonious and serene effect. For most of us, it makes us instantly think of the world, which is exactly why it works so well in this logo for a sustainability project. The use of symmetry and alternating color effect makes it even more pleasing to look at.

32. Use a green border

Green Logo_Speak Up

Via Dribbble

Rather than using green in its typography or icons, this logo for language tutoring company SpeakUp has integrated it into its border. This helps make the tried-and-tested green and white combo even more eye-catching—especially when paired with the arrow and speech bubble shapes.

By taking a (green) leaf out of these brands’ books, you’ll be well on your way to creating a lively logo that stands out against the crowd.

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