How different fonts speak to you

Class clown or serious? No, we're not talking about the school playground, we're talking about font personality.

Much like colors and images, fonts help give personality to your design and help you communicate your message through visual cues.

Every font has its own personality; whether it's elegant, fun, cool, or relaxed. Read on for four styles of fonts to try in your designs.

Elegant fonts

Elegant and sophisticated fonts usually have an air of prestige to them. They are often script, old style or calligraphic and sometimes, but not always, italicized. Some examples of these typefaces are Euphoria Script, Parisienne, Allura, and Great Vibes.

These menus look fit to be seen in any fancy restaurant. The Cream Illustrated Fruits Elegant Menu uses Pinyon Script with Playfair Display, while Green and Gold Pattern Elegant Menu uses Parisienne with Old Standard.

Fun fonts

Fonts are fun to play with—and fun ones even more so. This lively family of typefaces is either loved for it's easily recognized characteristics or hated for it's goofy and sometimes over the top symbols and embellishments. These are excellent fonts to use with kids! Some include Lobster, Cody Star, Londrina Sketch, and Sniglet.

Mix and match your design with cool fonts and illustrations for a fun and funky vibe. The Light Pink Circles Cat Picnic Instagram Post uses Chewy and Quicksand with these cute cats, while the Teal Confetti Baby Shower Social Media Post uses Knewave and Quicksand with the colorful shapes.

Cool fonts

The back-of-the-bus-bandits of the type world. On-trend, geometric sans-serifs with attitude. Movies are made about these guys, and they often need little help to look better than they do when they land on the page. Being bold and legible, these are great to use as both a title font and for body copy. Helvetica, Anton, Archivo Narrow, and Racing Sans One are part of this cool font group.

Fredoka One and Lato partners up in Ice Cream Birthday Ideas Collage template for a literally cool vibe, while League Spartan stands on its own in the Modern Menswear Fashion Photo Collage template.

Relaxed fonts

These chillaxed typefaces vibe on island time. They are great to use for beach/summer style artwork, as a sign-off or to tone down the formality of the content. Some of these include Satisfy, Sacramento, Pacifico, and Yellowtail.

Putting together Selima and Aileron Regular in the White Brush Script Beach Summer Promotional Twitter Post template can make you want to drop everything and head to the beach. Sacramento and Roboto Condensed in the Beach Party Twitter Post lets you know that it's always a good time.

Finding the perfect fonts to pair and partner is an art in itself. Having a good balance will help bring out the best in your design. Want to know more about combining fonts? Check out Canva's ultimate guide to font pairing on the Learn blog.

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