How to build a real estate brand from scratch

Starting a business is one thing, but building a well-known business that continues to grow and stands the test of time comes down to many things — including a strong brand. Within the real estate industry, entities like Century 21, Re/Max, Keller Williams, and Real Living have become some of the most recognized real estate brands in the world.

So, what makes a brand consistently iconic, memorable, and engaging? A visually eye-catching logo? Taglines that embody the unique qualities of your business? Or, is it a company culture that attracts the best real estate professionals? In this article, we’ll explore how to build a real estate brand at scale, and empower your team to grow and manage your brand for themselves.

Table of contents: How to build a real estate brand

How to build a real estate brand

Let’s explore the foundational steps you need to build and grow your real estate brand at scale.

Keep your brand identity consistent

A visually iconic brand identity is the foundation of any successful real estate brand. It sets the tone and personality for your business — and it’s more than just a logo, it's your visual voice to your customers.

Your brand identity is a combination of elements like fonts, colors, graphic shapes, and even your slogan. They are unique to your brand, and allow you to build awareness of your product or service with visual elements. This will also help you to build a reputation and credibility.


In order to build the awareness of your brand at scale, it’s essential to see these visual assets as a core part of your brand identity, and need to be incorporated into everything you do, whether it’s a presentation, flyer, or social media post.

Keep these elements close by and accessible for your team so they can embed your brand identity into everything they do.

Create clear brand guidelines

Once you’ve established your brand identity, it’s essential to ensure that everyone on your team adopts it within all their customer-facing touchpoints. This is where brand guidelines come in. Your brand guidelines help protect your brand identity and works to keep everyone on the same page if they are to self-produce, create, publish, and print any marketing collateral or branded content.

Create consistency in everything you do

While building a brand is hard work, it’s well worth the effort. Some mistakes realtors make are having one slogan or logo on their business card, and using a different one on their website. On top of that is inconsistent use of brand colors across their brochures, mailer, and signage.

The trick is keeping your branding consistent across all customer touchpoints, sales and marketing channels, social media, right up to the carpet colors in your office. To solidify brand recognition, there is only one rule — unify your branding online and offline. Adapt and implement consistent visual branding from office signage, marketing collateral, open house advertisements right up to your website and business cards, and you will stand out.

Get personal with your audience

The truth is, many factors influence great real estate brand building. One of the most important things to consider is that real estate isn’t just about the property it's a people business. So really get to know who your clients, buyers, and investors are and learn about them.

For instance, Century 21’s study on Millennial home buyers enabled them to create their groundbreaking “Not an app” brand campaign. The campaign emphasized the value of interpersonal interaction and exceptional customer service relationships in an age where technology has changed what it means to be human.

The campaign positioned Century 21 as the real estate brand that delivers the most personalized home buying experience in the market. That’s not all their agents lived and breathed their brand purpose - whether it’s answering late-night calls, conducting one-on-one home tours, going the extra mile to make their buyers feel at home — all which an app or website can’t provide.

Turn your best real estate professionals into brand advocates.

Traditionally a real estate agency’s brand name is what home buyers, vendors, investors, and people relate to when it comes to their real estate needs. Today, with the rise of social media and innovative digital marketing tools, individual realtors and agents can market themselves and reach out to their clients directly on their own. Personal branding enables agents to create a name for themselves, making them front-of-mind ahead of the agency they work.

Remembering that real estate is a people business and all agents are customer-facing, this is where turning your realtors into your brand ambassadors can do wonders for your business. They can deliver your brand promise and values in person. So make sure you equip them with the best possible marketing and data management tools so they can do their best job.

Harness the power of branded content

Whether it’s the scroll-stopping headlines. Must watch webinars. Eye-catching photography that showcases the styling and staging of the property, how your brand and promote your content can set you apart from your competitors. It transforms your real estate business into a valuable, trustworthy resource for the 90% of buyers who use the internet to search for their dream property. Well-curated branded content also connects people to your brand, amplifies your brand values whilst providing them with meaningful information and messages that make sense to them.

Nurture brand trust and loyalty

A tenant today, a buyer tomorrow. We share homes. Move homes when we outgrow them. People downsize and sell to invest. At the end of the day, people are going to move several times over their life. And whatever stage they may be in, your real estate business needs to be on top of mind.

Building brand authenticity that is trusted and loved helps build relationships with your clients for the long run. Along with a consistent message that is compelling and resonates online and offline makes a huge difference. Invest in networking tools to bring your brand to life via emails, social media, touch-base by sharing valuable advice, news, or branded content. And most of all, remember to show your appreciation to your clients.

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