How to create an eye-catching presentation

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Holding the attention of a room is no easy feat. This is where an eye-catching presentation helps. Below, we share seven presentation tips to help you win over your audience in a matter of moments.

Presenting is a common part of many work meetings and school assignments. Whether you’ve been tasked with pitching your strategy for the new year, or simply giving a weekly update to your team members, using visual cues to illustrate your point is an effective way to keep engagement levels high.

In fact, research shows that as humans we process imagery 60,000 times faster than text, which makes an eye-catching presentation a handy communication weapon to have in your arsenal.

However, creating an eye-catching presentation is more than adding bright pictures to a blank background. Instead, by shaping your content and utilizing certain design principles, you can create a sleek and equally informative presentation.

Below are eight presentation tips to get you started.

Prepare your information

While it’s tempting to start designing when you hit a creative spike in your day, the best way to begin creating your presentation slides is to build a content plan. Start by asking yourself the below questions:

  • What message am I trying to convey?
  • Who is my audience?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What are my main points?
  • What images will best illustrate my key points?
  • What’s the goal I am trying to achieve?

From there, you can start working on the text that will be added to your presentation slides.

Pitch your way to the top with the Turquoise Investment Pitch Deck Presentation template.

Choose a core theme and color palette

Once you’ve created an outline for your presentation, it’s time to start thinking about what your slides will look like. To create an eye-catching presentation that looks interesting and helps you illustrate your main objectives, start with three core design elements: Font, color, and layout.

Presentation ideas template

In this example, we can see that a handful of colors have been chosen and used throughout the presentation. We can also see that there is a core visual theme: Each slide is divided by yellow and blue columns, and all the visual elements used are illustrations that compliment each other. Credit: Venngage

Using Canva, you are able to choose templates that have pre-made layouts ready for you so your core elements are ready to customize. Or, you can always start building your slides from scratch.

When designing or choosing a layout, assess what types of information you are going to put into each slide. Ask yourself: Will they be mostly visual or text-heavy? This will help inform the types of layout you choose.

When it comes to color, like with any design, choosing two to three colors (this will create your color palette) helps ensure a unified look to your presentation. It also helps your audience transition with you throughout the presentation seamlessly.

With fonts, the goal is to choose one or two that will make your presentation easy to read. Opt for a simple, sans-serif font that will look good on screen. You can always add a level of interesting detail in headings but aim to keep the body text simple.

For a presentation that uses modern graphics, images, and strong colors, customize the 30-60-90 presentation template.

Start with a strong introduction slide

Fix your really bad powerpoint

Brian Tracy

When it comes to presentations, first impressions count. When creating your opening slide, use a large font to clearly label what the title of your presentation is, and what the audience is going to take away from it.

In the example above, the introductory slide uses bold font and a strong color palette to help communicate what the presentation is about, what they can learn, and the value they are going to receive by paying attention.

For a stand-out presentation, the Yellow Modern Social Media Strategy Presentation template uses white space, and bold sans-serif lettering to capture the audience's attention.

Add one idea per slide


This clean presentation design by Areumnara Park gives several different designs for each slide. Design available on Creative Market.

We know that white space helps to enhance and clarify important information. And this idea can be loosely applied to your presentation slides. To enhance your key points, use each slide to communicate one main idea. Not only will this help from a design perspective—you will have plenty of room to play with—it also helps with you to communicate.

While it can be tempting to condense several ideas into one slide, this has the potential to confuse your audience and draw their attention away from what you are saying, as they are trying to understand all the information on the slide.

The sketched image and grid background make the Black and Yellow Visual Medical Presentation template perfect for a formal presentation.

Favor images and graphs

3D Pie Chart

This 3D Pie Chart shows information by dividing them into graphical segments. Design from SlideBazaar.

Whether it’s a pie chart that displays where most of your revenue is coming from or a line graph that illustrates growth, an image is more likely to be remembered than numbers on a screen. Graphs and charts help the audience easily process the data and facts within your presentation.

If you’ve got data that needs an elegant makeover, turn your numbers into a visual masterpiece by customizing your own graphs on Canva.

The Purple Fun Education Presentation template is fun, quirky and bound to capture your audience.

Use frames to break-up your text

The Orange Blue Diagonal Lines Home Real Estate Listing Presentation uses frames to create different areas of focus. Click on the image to edit the design on Canva.

Frames in graphic design are a great way to visually break up your text. From a visual point of view, frames also add visual medley that allows for your presentation to be interesting to watch.

Finish with a call to action

A sample of a slide with text to completion

This slide shows the next steps the audience can take to continue their goal. Designed in Canva.

While a call to action is mostly spoken about in the context of digital marketing, a strong presentation ends with a call to action to the audience.

Whether it’s as simple as a list of next steps or a short Q&A session, this idea motivates your audience to take actionable steps after the meeting.

Try the Pink and Navy Blue Financial Presentation for a formal and equally fun template.

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