4 simple steps to help you land more followers on Twitter


Conquer Twitter with these tips and tricks.

At last count Twitter had about a billion registered users. While only a quarter use it consistently, that’s still a cool 255 million users tweeting every day. In other words, if you can conquer even a fraction of Twitter’s population, then you’re on your way to mastering Twitter. Here’s some hot tips how (without forgetting that you need to engage people in an open, honest, transparent and timely manner).

01. Have the right attitude


Be impervious: Always remember that you can’t please everyone – especially on Twitter. So be impervious to those people looking for rile your feathers.

Be curious: Twitter changes regularly and sometimes Twitter explains the changes and sometimes the changes just happen. To stay on top of Twitter, improve results by frequently running experiments, such as posting at different times, repeating posts, including bigger pictures.

Be skeptical: There is no right and wrong on Twitter; there is only what works at a moment in time. Be especially skeptical of advice from anyone who has fewer followers or tweets than you.

Be humble: Focus on great content and give credit those who tweet great content. Re-tweeting their tweets gives acknowledgement to the originators of the tweets. Think of it as good karma.

Be diligent: Succeeding on Twitter is hard work and the payoff is often ill-defined. Building a personal or corporate brand on Twitter takes diligence. But just like learning any skill, don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done.

02. Be business savvy

Brand name mentions: Whether it be praise or criticism, every mention of your brand name in the Twitter-verse is potentially from a customer-to-be (repeat or a brand new). Use the tweet to connect with the person: thank them for their response or address their queries or complaints directly. By doing so, you win one future customer for the team.

Tweet positive testimonials: A glowing testimonial of your product or service is always great for marketing. Promote positive comments and reviews on your website and tweet them for good measure. These testimonials can encourage others to take a first or second look at your brand.


Be alert to customer needs: Whether they are private emails or public tweets, address customers’ cries for help in a timely manner and provide them with the support they need before it escalates or lose the customer for good. The best way to do this is to avidly monitor brand name mentions on Twitter.

Make a good first impression: Don’t let poor design turn people off. Put time into creating an attractive Twitter profile to capture audience attention.


Create a Twitter landing page: Take advice from Charlene Kingston of Social Media DIY Workshop who suggests designing a special landing page on your website to introduce people from Twitter to your business.

03. Build a strong connection with followers

Add value: Only tweet content that is interesting to your followers and make sure it has context and relevance. In other words, don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting. Rather, make every tweet count.

Be unique: Add to the conversation, whether it’s your viewpoint, opinion, experience or own spin; particularly when sharing what’s already been shared.


Make it human: Tweets that express honesty, empathy and humanity are endearing and form a personal connection with followers. Behind the scenes, fun facts, relevant opinions, personal events are interesting to followers in the right context. [NB. Don’t over share: no one needs to know what you had for breakfast unless you work in the food or health industry].


04. Make an impact with images

How to tweet an image: You can add an image to tweet in TwitterBufferHootsuite or Sprout Social. According to Dan Zarella, tweets that include an image are “94% more likely to be retweeted.”

Permission: Get permission to use the images and photos you tweet and tag people where appropriate. The tagged party will be notified but the tweet will not include an @name.

Tweet multiple images: Add up to four images per tweet to maximize real estate. But don’t forget about context and relevance.

‘Pin to your profile page:’ Keep the most important, relevant or eye-catching tweet at the top of your Twitter page by clicking ‘pin to your profile page’ from the drop down menu.


Batch process Twitter images: Create lots of great Twitter images at one time to have them at the ready. This will keep your Twitter stream vibrant.

Tweet different graphics: Try tweeting these types of graphics for variety while always, of course, being relevant.

  • Blog graphics for each post that you publish
  • Quotes from blog posts
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Announcements for upcoming events
  • Specials or giveaways
  • Email signup requests
  • Questions for followers
  • Feedback on customer service or blog content

05. Maximize the Twitter layout

Best tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.

Pinned tweets: As mentioned, pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for followers to see what your page is about.

Filtered tweets: Choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

Jumbo Header image: Customize a header image with recommended dimensions of 1500×500, maximum file size of 5MB.


Show the Twitter-verse what you’re made of with honest, relevant and informative tweets. Engage with followers, address their tweets and keep your page looking visually bright and interesting.