How to get Twitter followers

How to get Twitter followers

You could argue that if your brand or business is on social media, one metric of success is growth. Launching in 2006, Twitter currently boasts over 330 million monthly active users and there are 500 million tweets sent per day, so it's a social media platform worth investing in. Known for its fast-pace and newsworthy allure, Twitter is a great platform to invest in if you’re looking to be part of the conversation – from ideas and trending stories to products.

In the article below, we investigate how to get Twitter followers and grow your audience in 9 simples steps.

Nine tips to gain Twitter followers

1. Review your Twitter profile

To make a great impression on your visitors, tweak your profile to optimize it. Think about:

  • Your profile image. Choose a profile image that fits the circular format – could be your logo or a photo of yourself for a personal brand
  • Your bio. Because the bio is searchable, write your essentials information, like your handle, website, location, and any keywords relevant to your company, including hashtags
  • Header. This is an opportunity to put your brand, products, and, services out there, so pick your image and layout carefully. Canva offers many free customizable templates that will fit Twitter header dimensions, like the one below:

2. Be visual

Visuals are important on all social media channels. On Twitter, they can compensate for the limited amount of characters allowed. Case studies have shown that Tweets with images receive more engagement, according to Twitter for Business.

  • Use eye-catching photos

Make the most of your space with high-quality images that relate to your post topic and get people’s attention. At Canva we have hundreds of curated images to give your posts some oomph, like X and X. You can tweet up to four images per post and stack them –convenient if you want to feature a range of products. Twitter also allows adding images to a retweet.

Image from Canva

  • Make your text work with your image

Play with a headline and the image you use as a background, as if your post was an ad – it’s a handy way to add some more characters to the post. You can use our customizable Twitter post template to make your life easier and personalize them with different images, colors, and texture backgrounds.

  • Use data and quotes

People love information and inspiration. We can help you create beautiful layouts with our free Infographic Maker and our Quote Social Graphic templates

  • Consider bright colors

Twitter Business recommends being bold with your colors to stand out in Twitter feeds. Below is a great example of a couple of posts by Mailchimp.

Image via Twitter Business

  • Use animated designs

Videos, animations, or gifs add dynamism to your post and grab the attention of visitors. Find some inspiring ideas on how to animate your designs here.

  • Recycle and repurpose

Maybe you wrote a great post some time ago that still gets a lot of traffic. Bring it back. Don't be afraid of refreshing and repurposing your content. But always remember to stay true to your brand essence, and be consistent. Below is a great example of how Moz, the SEO experts, do it.

Image from @Moz/Twitter

Image from @Moz/Twitter

3. Interact with your followers

One important tactic to growing your Twitter followers is to be active and responsive. According to Sprout Social, 48% of social media users say responsiveness is the top reason that encourages audiences to purchase from a brand or company. If you want to grow your audience, you have to engage actively with them

Image from Sprout Social

  • Respond to comments
  • Connect via direct messages when appropriate
  • Engage a bigger audience with live chats, which gives you the opportunity to like and retweet attendant’s reply
  • Like and retweet your follower's posts to build a stronger relationship
  • Always use the hashtag(s) that drive the conversation

4. Tweet regularly

Some experts say that you should post content – either your own, or retweets – three to seven times per day.

Image from Neil Patel

5. Tweet at peak hour

Since Twitter operates similar to a newsfeed, it's important to be online and active when your community is online. ON. Ideally, you should post when your audience is on Twitter –more traffic, more followers, more engagement

  • Know your audience 

Depending on your target group, the usage of Twitter will be different. Also, consider if you are targeting businesses or end consumers, who may be more active on weekends

  • Turn to Twitter for info

Twitter Analytics provides comprehensive information about your active Twitter followers. Here’s how to access your dashboard and information about your “Audiences".

6. Create valuable content

When you become familiar with your audience, you will know what type of content is relevant and valuable to them. Have an honest conversation with them and pay attention to their feedback. We know that people respond well to informative, educational, inspirational, and newsworthy content. Once you know your audience, you can craft a message with your own personal spin, so it has your unique fingerprint on it.

7. Pin your Tweets

This is a way to highlight a certain Tweet that isn’t on the top of your feed anymore. Consider these opportunities

  • A high-performance Tweet
  • A current event, like an interview or an upcoming promotion
  • A call-to-action Tweet

8. Add your @name everywhere

Remember to include a follow button to your website. Include your handle and a link to your Twitter profile in your email signature, your business cards, and presentations 

9. Follow others

Connect with your existing customer database and with thought leaders in your industry. The larger your network, the bigger the traffic

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