June's best free photos and templates

Camera Photography Design Studio Editing Concept

Canva makes you look good. Whether you’re putting together a presentation and want to impress your boss with polished slides, or you’re planning a birthday party and you need an invitation that can’t be refused, Canva’s library has tens of thousands of templates waiting for your personal touch. Options from social media graphics to recipe cards, so you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

Want the latest and greatest? These trending designs have just hit Canva’s ever-growing template library.

Every Canva template can be customized in countless ways. Change the colors, photos and fonts, and customize the text with your own personal message.

Yellow Island Facebook Event Cover

Yellow Island Photo Going Away Party Facebook Event Cover

Whether you’re planning a big move or simply want an excuse to celebrate, we all know that Facebook events make party planning easy. But to entice people to come, you need to add a bit more flair. That’s where this Facebook event cover comes in with its warmth, simplicity and elegance.

Personalize the template by replacing the image with a new one from Canva's extensive design library. With over a million images to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your event. When you're finished designing, you can share directly to Facebook from inside Canva.

Blue Modern Studio Facebook Ad

In a world of limited attention spans, a Facebook ad has to stand out. Which is exactly what this Facebook ad template does: its bold colors draw the eye, and its modern fonts emphasise your business name. Blue is also to promote trustworthiness, serenity, and productivity amongst other positive traits; the use of the color dominates tech, financial and medical branding. Meanwhile red is a popular choice in branding, thanks to its associations with excitement, energy and efficiency.

Blue Modern Studio Facebook Ad

Colorful Irregular Shapes Photo Collage

This eye-catching template can be adapted for anything that needs a splash of color and fun: you could use it to advertise for a clothing store, or to remind your students about an upcoming event. The textured, colorful shapes have an arts and craft feel that brings to mind creativity and fun, while the photo boxes allow you to visually highlight any relevant photographs: in this case, fresh fruit and vegetables. The restrained, modern font allows the message to speak for itself.

Colorful Irregular Shapes Photo Collage

Green and White Twitter Post

Twitter is just as visual as any other social media platform—and tweets featuring images are more likely to be favorited and shared. Make your tweets stand out with this green and white Twitter template. Its simple, balanced composition allows your message to take center stage. You can replace the cooking photo with anything that suits your needs best.

Green and White Cooking For Men Twitter Post

Blue and Pink Brushstrokes Whatsapp Status Story

Whatsapp status stories have quickly eclipsed Snapchat as the way to share moments from your day. This design allows you to send a shout out to your nearest and dearest—or to share any message that benefits from an elegant calligraphic font. The text is complemented by the brushstrokes design, which allows the simplicity of the overall design to sing.

Blue and Pink Brushstrokes Birthday Greetings Whatsapp Status Story

Find A Way Desktop Wallpaper

Need a pep talk? This desktop wallpaper will help you reach your goals right from your computer desktop. Leave it as is, or change the message to your favorite motivational quote. Or, you could change the background image to your favourite view: a beach, perhaps, or a field of flowers. Whatever you need to follow your dreams.

Find A Way

Corporate Resume

Great work experience alone won’t get you the job. To stand out from the crowd, you need to add a personal touch. This resume design allows you to add a splash of color that will make you stand out in a pile of boring black-and-white CVs. It also allows you to break up the information into two columns, so you can highlight your experience while creating some visual interest that compels your future employer to read more.

Resume Corporate

Black and Gold Elegant Wedding Invitation

The Royal Wedding has come and gone, but its influence on weddings will be felt for years to come. This regal invitation has a touch of royal class that also brings to mind the Art Nouveau movement. With an invitation like this, your wedding is sure to be the event of the season.

Beige Gold Black Elegant Fancy Royal Wedding Invitation