Keeping your portfolio up to date


Looking at the next big thing when growing your portfolio helps not only keep your images relevant and useful, but also sell them to users.

But where do you go to find inspiration? Here are 5 particular places you could check out:

Collage of photos of a persons life in 4x3 ratio

Photo by Ronald Bouman

01. Social media

People freely and actively share their opinions about whatever they’re interested in in social media, giving a glimpse of current and emerging trends. Images related to trending topics could be used in creating social media posts, newsletters, announcements, and more.


Photo by Pixabay

02. News and current events

What are concerns people want to address or wins they are celebrating? Consider users creating designs for blog banners, newsletters, infographics, or posters—they will most likely incorporate images with themes that have to do with social, political, economic, and other global issues and events you see on TV, read in newspapers and magazines, or hear on the radio.


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

03. Lifestyle

Colors and styles users will want in their designs can be revealed by looking at trends in fashion, art, music, film, and architecture. These can also be helpful when shooting portraits or architecture for magazine covers, blog banners, brochures, flyers, and other marketing and promotional materials.


Photo by Quincy Dein

04. Calendar

There’s always a reason to celebrate! Be the one to provide users with images they can use to design invitations, posters, greeting cards, and the like for annual holidays from Valentine’s to New Year’s, life events from birth to death, or religious celebrations like Eid or Easter.


Photo by Olga Zhigacheva

05. Community

Revealing things about your community—your neighborhood, university, or local businesses—can be helpful in localizing and diversifying images. Your community can also tell you a lot about current issues, lifestyle, technology, and other emerging trends users will be interested in.

Party People Communication Talking Happiness Concept

Photo by RawPixel

06. Technology

Technology is one area of life that is so quick to evolve—there’s always something new. Capture and reveal new technologies and their evolution, which people will always be interested in.

Business People Technology Working Office Concept

Photo by RawPixel

Consider everything that’s going on around you–the things you see and hear, the things you deal with, the things that represent the role you play in society—and find a way to incorporate them in your images to keep your portfolio up to date.

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