The marketer’s guide to designing a memorable brand


Picture this: Your business is up an running and you’re ready to put in the elbow grease. Marketing materials here we go! You sit down to create your first social media graphic and start to panic.

“Maybe I should have hired a designer.”

Don’t stress! Tools like Canva make it easy for anybody to create amazing designs. Here’s the real question you should be asking:

“What should my visual content look and feel like?”

This is your visual brand – what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you unique.

Hundreds of brands are competing for your customers’ attention right now. Whether you’re promoting your brand online, in a shopping mall or out on the streets – you need to give people a reason to remember you.

Design can help you do that.

Don’t create another social media graphic or flyer without reading this awesome branding guide!

To teach you how to build a memorable brand from scratch, this free package of resources includes:

  • A breakdown of the design secrets big brands use to become memorable.
  • An instructional how-to chapter on creating your own style guide and picking unique colors, fonts and images for your brand.
  • Practical tips about how to apply typefaces, color palettes and photo filters to professional marketing documents.
  • Practical advice on how to create a style guide in Canva.
Canva Branding Book

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Your secret weapon for stunning design