How this photographer duo turned everyday product photography into an art form


Serbian sibling and photography duo Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic (collectively known as Zamurovic) have become regarded online for their inspiring style of product photography that looks just as at home in an art gallery as it does on a stock photo site.

We talk to the creative pair about finding their style, striking a balance between art and commerce, and the future of stock photography.

Banana slice pattern on pastel pink background. Minimal fruit concept.

Photo by Zamurovic

What made you guys first decide to pick up a camera?

We’re brothers who both started using cameras even before the digital age. Our father is also a photographer, so his passion for photography is what first led us to this career. Since the first time we picked up a camera, we’ve always collaborated and worked as a team. A big milestone was the moment our father brought home his first digital camera—from that moment on we knew that digital photography is the future.

When you were starting out, what inspired your photography? Do those influences still affect your style today?

When we were just starting, we were doing mostly wedding photography. We were inspired by human nature and emotions. Our success as wedding photographers was defined by our determination to integrate art photography with wedding photography. This same determination to implement art elements into everything we do still influences our style today.


Photo by Zamurovic

Can you tell us about the challenges you faced when you first started shooting?

The main challenge was—and still is—how to make commercial photography less commercial and more artistic.

Your product and still life portfolio is so striking because of its composition and color. What attracted you to this style of photography?

Minimalism is a current trend in photography, and for us it’s a great way to bring our ideas to life. This style of photography lets us really bring the bare essential idea to the surface.

Tell us what it is about everyday objects that makes them your favorite photo subject.

We find it very interesting when surreal scenarios include everyday objects, because the audience doesn’t expect them to appear in anything other than an everyday scene.


Photo by Zamurovic

How would you describe your signature style?

Our signature style can be described as a form of new minimalism. One that is slowly evolving from modest to luxurious through its fearlessness.

How did you end up doing stock photography work?

Stock photography was always a dream job—but only in recent years have we found a way to make a living out of it. We thought, if we can make art out of wedding photography, we can do the same with stock photography.

How do you differentiate your work from other stock photographers in the market?

We push ourselves to include as many art elements in our photos as possible. In this way, we try to create stock photos that don't exist yet in the market.


Photo by Zamurovic

What do you think your audience is looking for in a stock photo?

People are overloaded with information and content, so they don’t have enough time on their hands to fully and extensively absorb that information. This is why we think our stock photo audience appreciates and looks for quality now more than ever before.

Are there any challenges specific to stock photography?

One of the biggest challenges is waiting for results to come after you put so much time and effort into creating images. Often, results don't come at all, and that is most frustrating part of working as stock photographers.

How has contributing to Canva helped in your experience?

From our standpoint, Canva is the fastest growing stock photography site. It is a contributor-friendly, contributor-oriented platform that is actively improving the quality of content as well as quantity. With Canva, our results have come faster than we ever expected.


Photo by Zamurovic

If you could go back in time to when you were first starting out, what advice would you give yourselves?

The advice we would give to any stock photographer who is starting out is to concentrate on creating more, and don't bother too much with the results. Results will come eventually as with any other profession. Remember that every start is difficult.

How do you see yourselves evolving as stock photographers?

Our current style will change over time with the trends, but we will try to maintain the same level of ingenuity in our photos. We can also see that the stock market is slowly leaning towards video, so we might start contributing videos somewhere in the future.

To download more of Ivan and Bojan Zamurovic’s work, visit their portfolio on Canva.

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