Pinterest is the best place for people to discover things that they love. This also makes it a unique and beautiful marketplace. If you’re a brand, the goal for Pinterest isn’t to simply sell, sell, sell, but to show your products in an interesting and compelling manner.

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Studies have proven that a Pinterest pin provides the best web traffic and sales to retailers and today Pinterest added a new feature to help small businesses with their social-media marketing: Promoted Pins. Pinterest added a do-it-yourself Promoted Pins tool so businesses of any size can promote their Pins to reach more people and get visits back to their website. These Promoted Pins will be available on a cost-per-click basis through

To get started with Promoted Pins, you must have a Pinterest for Business account, verify your website, and have Rich Pins enabled. Create a visual strategy for your website or blog which includes:

  1. Using high resolution images.
  2. Design long, tall images 
  3. Add the Pin it Button to your website.
  4. Enable rich Pins.
  5. Add Pinterest widgets to highlight your Pins on your website.

Pinterest's business accounts and Rich Pins are the key to successful marketing. With Rich Pins, meta data is added to each Pin that stays with repins and cannot be changed like a Pinterest description. There are currently five different types of Rich Pins: recipe Pins, product Pins, movie Pins, article Pins, and place Pins. Rich pins include extra data on the Pin such as Product Pins "which include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy. Pinners also get notifications when product Pins they've added drop in price." 

The pins with the red rectangle are Rich Pins and the pins with the circled text are descriptions only, no rich data.
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For example, if people pinned a kiddie swimming pool that you’re selling, and you drop the price for a weekend sale, they will receive an email saying that the price is reduced. Everyone who repins the swimming pool will get a notification when the price changes. And, because people cannot change the descriptive text, everyone will see the same information.
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Target is particularly adept at using Rich Pins, so let’s examine what it does. It created an Awesome Shop with the "cool stuff everyone's talking about." (and pinning!) The social proof of tags announcing "top pins" or "most viewed" generate interest. Target also adds tags with the Pinterest logo and "most pinned" language on the items in its stores. Awesome shopPromoted Pins should add as much value as your other Pinterest content and blend into your visual-marketing strategy. You should have a specific goal in mind for each pin and create it with your brand message in mind. In other words, don't go into sales total mode with your promoted Pins. Clever text with inspiring photos will draw people to your Pins, whether they are promoted or not. Here are additional tips for making your brand pop with Promoted Pins.

1 Create worthy pins

Create Worthy Pins on Pinterest

  • Use high quality images with an image ratio of 2:3 to 1:3.5 and a minimum width of 600 pixels.
  • Melt into the beauty of Pinterest images–this isn’t traditional advertising.
  • Stay relevant. Images should be appealing for everyone, not a limited campaigns
  • Use no more than three images in collage Promoted Pins.
  • Create a theme for each Promoted Pin.
  • Use Rich Pins as much as possible—the extra data is crucial.

2 Paint a story with your text

Make your brand pop with promoted pinterest pins

  • Make your text part of the image, not just added on top.
  • Minimize text on images. Less is more.
  • Ensure that the text is legible for mobile viewing.
  • Write compelling, informative descriptions that are interesting and timeless.
  • Provide inspiration to take action.
  • Be informative. Add taglines and other relevant text.

3 A few Pinterest don'ts

a few Pinterest don'ts

  • Don't use hashtags in the image or the descriptions.
  • Don't add borders or rounded corners to Pin images.
  • Don't include promotional information about prices or sales. Let Rich Pins do their job.
  • Avoid time-sensitive info. Pins last forever.

The goal with all your Pins should be to build your brand awareness and add to the quality of your Pinterest presence. Think about the long-term impact of your Pins and add value to your Pinterest audience's experience. In that spirit, keep these Pinterest don'ts in mind:In summary, Promoted Pins are a fantastic way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to build their brand awareness, generate web traffic, and ultimately make sales. Today is the dawn of a whole new way to use beautiful pins to visually market your brand.

Canva has created a custom designed templates for creating beautiful Pinterest pins. Use our designs as inspiration for your making your brand pop on Pinterest.

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