Resume formats for 10 different industries


It doesn’t matter if you’re a banker, a baker, or something in between, having a well-designed resume is a non-negotiable if you want to build a successful, thriving career. But not all resumes are created equal! The resume that’s going to get you your next big opportunity in banking is going to look completely different than the resume that’s going to get your foot in the door at your town’s most high-end bakery.

In other words, the resume format that’s going to be the best fit for you is going to entirely depend on your industry. But what resume formats work for which industries? Let’s look at the best resume formats for 10 popular industries.

Resumes for the finance industry

resume format traditional

Keeping the design classic and easy to read when applying for work in a traditional industry.

Finance is an extremely traditional and professional industry. And if you want to get noticed, you need a resume that’s traditional and professional as well.

When creating a resume for the finance industry, keep the design classic. Use a neutral color palette (when you’re designing a banking resume, black, white, navy, and gray are your friends). Use a traditional serif font—or, if you’re going to use a sans serif font, stick to a clean, simple recognizable font like Arial.

Try to steer away from bold graphics or photos. When it comes to formatting, stick to the traditional single or two-column format with your header either centered or to the left of the page. Keep it simple, keep it clean, and keep it traditional.

In the finance industry, the more professional you look, the more likely you are to get an interview. And the best way to say “look at me! I’m professional!” is with a clean, traditional resume format.

Banking is a traditional industry, and if you want to score a job, you need a traditional resume. Get started with Canva’s professional resume templates, like the Traditional Accountant Resume or the Black Minimal Professional Resume.

Resumes for teaching

Teachers are in charge of inspiring, instructing, and shaping the minds of students. That requires a high level of creativity, warmth, and patience—and you want all of those qualities to come across in your resume. So while there are a lot of rules in the classroom (color within the lines!), those rules don’t necessarily apply for teacher resumes.

When designing a teaching resume, one of the most important things to keep in mind during the design process is what kind of teaching you’re going to be doing. The perfect resume for a preschool art teacher is going to be completely different from the resume for a high school geometry teacher or philosophy professor applying for tenure at a prestigious university.

As a general rule of thumb, the younger the students in your classroom, the more fun you can have with your resume design. So, for example, if you’re applying for teaching positions in a preschool, design elements like primary colors or graphic fonts would be appropriate. On the flip side, if you’re applying for a college-level teaching position, you’re probably going to want to be more conservative in your design choices.

In terms of formatting, you can get a little more creative with teaching resumes. Add a picture into the header, use different colors in each column to add visual interest and showcase specific experience.

Need a fun, creative resume to land the teaching gig of your dreams? Get started with Canva’s resume templates, like the Yellow Confetti Teacher Creative Resume, the Turquoise Green Navy Simple Modern Teacher Resume, or the Blue and White with Pencils Pattern Teacher Resume.

Resumes for a consultant

resume formats

For consultancy work, design your resume to fit to the industry you are in.

“Consulting” is a blanket term that covers a wide variety of industries. There are strategy consultants, design consultants, efficiency consultants, financial consultants, and the list goes on. Because consulting is such a broad industry, there’s no one-size-fits-all resume format that will work across the board. Instead, think about what kind of consulting services you’re providing—and then design your resume accordingly.

So, for example, are you looking at going into financial consulting? If so, a traditional resume format (with two columns, clean fonts, and minimal design accents) is your best bet. Are you trying to score a role at a design consultancy? If so, your resume should follow a more creative format (with fonts, pops of color, and graphic accents) is a solid option.

As a consultant, you need to design your resume based on the industry you want to consult in. Canva has a wide variety of templates for both professional consultants (like the Blue Hexagon Icon Professional Resume) and creative consultants (like the Yellow Photographer Creative Resume).

Resumes for a designer

resume formats creative design designer

In the design industry, let your resume showcase your work visually and not just in the copy.

Having a well-designed resume is important in any field, but it’s particularly important if you’re going after a design role.

Your resume is the first design you’re sending out into the world; it’s like a “preview” of your work. If you can’t show off your design chops in your resume, it’s going to be hard to convince potential employers that you have those design chops in the first place—which is why you have to put a good amount of thought and effort into your resume design.

Format your resume in a way that shows off your design capabilities. Incorporate bold or unexpected colors. Use visual hierarchy to call attention to key information. Show off your ability to create balanced and proportionate designs with a variety of graphic elements (like images or illustrations). Flex those creative muscles! The point is, your resume is an opportunity to show what you can do as a designer—so take advantage of it!

As a designer, you want your resume to be well-designed—but you don’t have to start from scratch! Get the creative juices flowing with one of Canva’s creative resume templates, like the Grey Aqua Vintage Floral Graphic Designer Resume, or the Green Header Graphic Design Resume.

Resumes for editorial jobs

Writers have no problem putting together a well-written resume, their job is all about words, after all. But formatting can be a different story. When formatting a writing or editorial resume, you can definitely be creative and experiment with different fonts, graphics, and layouts. But the most important design element of a writing/editorial resume? Visual hierarchy.

Because the writing profession is often either freelance or project-based, it’s important to create a sense of visual hierarchy to call attention to your key writing accomplishments. Were you published in a prestigious literary journal? Do you have a monthly column in your local newspaper? Did you edit a bestseller? These are all important points to incorporate into your resume.

Get started with Canva’s resume templates, like the Pink Colorful Infographic Resume, the Infographic Resume, or the Colorful Career Timeline Infographic.

Resumes for engineering

Engineering is an extremely structured profession; in order to succeed, you need to be organized, efficient, and methodical. And in order to land a gig in the engineering field, your resume needs to be just as organized, efficient, and methodical as you are.

When formatting an engineering resume, you want to keep things as clean and streamlined as possible. Clean columns, structured headers, and a clear sense of visual hierarchy lay out your professional background in a structured, streamlined, easy-to-process way—which is exactly what hiring managers want in their engineers.

When it comes to engineering resumes, the cleaner the format, the better. Get started with Canva’s simple, straightforward, and streamlined resume templates, like the Gray Simple Minimalist Resume or the Blue Minimal Infographic Resume.

Resumes for acting

resume formats

Don't forget to include your photo when working on your acting resume.

Actors need a flair for the dramatic. So when creating a resume to showcase your acting experience, generic resume formats need not apply.

There are plenty of ways you can format your acting resume, but the one thing you absolutely should include? Your photo. Having your headshot directly on your resume allows casting directors to quickly identify who you are.

Let your headshot take center stage (pun intended!) with Canva’s acting resume templates, like the Brown Simple Photo Acting Resume or the Teal Floral Illustration Acting Resume.

Resumes for management positions

When you go after a management position, it’s important that your resume illustrates the fact that you’re a leader—and that you’re capable of leading a team to success. Obviously, your professional experience will speak to your leadership abilities, but the way you design and format your resume can show off your leadership skills as well.

Bold formatting and design elements (like strong typography or a bold color palette) show that you’re a person who isn’t afraid to take charge. If you’re applying for management in a more corporate field (like finance), you’re going to want to be bold in a way that’s appropriate for your industry (think bold headers or a single pop of color), but if you’re applying for a management in more creative field (like design), feel free to get creative with your boldness.

You can embrace bold design elements whether you’re applying for a corporate or creative management role—you just need the right template. Get started with Canva’s corporate resume templates (like the Blue Bordered Corporate Resume) or creative resume templates (like the Pastel Green and Yellow Designer Modern Resume).

Resume examples for the tech industry

The tech industry is booming and like any booming industry, there are plenty of job opportunities.

But with plenty of opportunities comes plenty of applicants, so if you want to get your foot in the door at the “next big thing” in the start-up world, you need a resume that’s going to stand out and grab people’s attention.

When formatting your resume, make sure to incorporate eye-catching design elements to add visual interest (like an unexpected color palette, bold headings, or illustrations). Just make sure to be mindful of the kind of tech company you’re applying to; a SaaS company is going to want a more professional-looking resume, while a food delivery app start-up is probably looking for something more graphic or casual.

You want a resume that’s going to stand out among the hundreds (or thousands!) of applicants top tech companies get each day—so make sure you design your resume to stand out!

Want to land a job in the tech sector? Then you’ll need a resume to break through the clutter and grab people’s attention. Get started with one of Canva’s resume templates, like the Blue Marketing Corporate Resume or the Green Simple Corporate Resume.

Resumes for the law sector

You won’t find many industries more corporate, traditional, than law. So when formatting a law resume, you’re definitely going to want to play it safe.

Keep your law resume format and design as streamlined, and traditional as possible. Stick to the classic single or two-column format and don’t choose any fonts, colors, or graphic elements that could be read as too over-the-top or “out there.” Let your educational and professional experience speak for itself—and keep the design and format of your resume simple and to-the-point.

Need a traditional resume format for your new big law position? Canva has you covered with our minimalist resume templates, like the Two-Tone Blue and White Corporate Resume or the Dark Blue Simple Line Scholarship Resume.

Get out there and design your resume

With so many formatting options, it can be hard to know what the best choice is for your resume. But now that you know the best resume format for some of the world’s largest industries, you have everything you need to design a resume that gets you noticed—and gets you the interview. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, design your resume, and get the job of your dreams!

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