Believe it or not, at last count there were about a billion registered users on Twitter. While only a quarter of them use it consistently, that’s still a cool 255 million users tweeting every day. That’s about the same number as the population of Indonesia (247 million people).

In other words, if your marketing team is able to conquer even a fraction of Twitter’s population, your business will no doubt boom like the fireworks of Guy Fawkes Day. Of course, the question is: how does one even begin to go about the conquest of Twitter? Here are 5 things you can do on Twitter to get more business.

Twitter for business

1Track every mention of your brand name

Smart techniques to improve Twitter for business

When your brand name pops up somewhere in the Twitter-verse, it could very well be good or bad news. It’s great if someone is praising your product; very bad if another is criticizing it, like so:


In either case, every person who talks about your product or service is potentially a customer-to-be – whether a repeat customer, or a brand new one. Make use of his/her tweet to connect with the person. Thank the person for his/her response, and perhaps address their queries or complaints directly. By doing so, you win one customer back for the team. Well done!

2Curate positive testimonials

Smart techniques to improve Twitter for business

Running a business is usually a huge pain, but once in a while there are those moments that let you know it’s all worth it. A glowing testimonial of your product or service is one of those things.


When you chance upon these positive comments, don’t let them go by – be sure to snag them and frame them up somewhere on your website, or simply retweet them for good measure. These testimonials act as social proof for your brand, and will definitely attract others take a second look, if not purchase, your stuff.

3Be alert to the cries of customers who need help


This is critical to your business. If a customer has a problem with your product or service, and brings it up on a public platform like Twitter, it is absolutely crucial to make sure the customer gets the support he/she needs, or all hell could easily break loose. Additionally, you’ll most likely lose that customer for good, too. Two birds, one stone.


How to ensure that your customers are well taken care of? One way is to go back to step one, and monitor your brand name mentions on Twitter with a hawk’s eye. Another would be to create a list of your customers’ Twitter handles.

4Make your Twitter profile incredibly attractive

Smart techniques to improve Twitter for business

99% of your efforts are likely put into getting the customer to come to your page, including your Twitter profile. It would be a shame if the poor design of your profile turned them off.


Think that people aren’t so superficial? Think again: according to Malcolm Gladwell in his bestselling book Blink, we take a mind-blowing two seconds to pass judgment on anything we see. Simply put, your Twitter profile has to capture the attention of your audience… Or they’ll be gone in two seconds, never to return.

5Create a Twitter landing page

Smart techniques to improve Twitter for business

Hat-tip to Charlene Kingston of Social Media DIY Workshop for this point. Don’t just stop at the Twitter profile page – send your customer-to-be somewhere that will accelerate them towards being full-fledged customers.


A Twitter landing page is a special page on your website designed to introduce people from Twitter to your business. It’s like having a greeter there to help people get the scoop on your business and how you use Twitter. If you need some inspiration for a new Twitter header design, we've created some designs for you.

Follow Canva's board Canva Layouts: Twitter Headers on Pinterest.

People who click through to your landing page are likely to be curious, or are interested, in your product or service. Turn that healthy curiosity into a sale with a full webpage with compelling copy.

We hope you've been inspired to boost your Twitter presence for your business. How do you grow your Twitter account and keep it solid and strong? We'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.


Daniel is a writer based in the sunny island of Singapore. He mainly covers the tech scene in Singapore for Tech in Asia, but his byline can be found in a variety of publications and blogs. He is madly passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity, and his home is at