Have a think about some of the world's most successful brands. What is it about them that makes them stand out? Is it their products? Their design? Their website? Their customer service? Usually it's a brilliant combination of all of the above, plus one more key ingredient: they make your experience with them personal.

That's right, a successful brand is all about the customer, and having a great relationship with them. Have you ever thought about how you can personalize your brand? We've put together some tips on how to create a fantastic customer experience, as well as how to make your brand more personal:

1 Use Data


We cannot stress the importance of using your data enough. The best example we can offer by far is the Coca-Cola Share A Coke campaign that dominated billboards, social media and selfies everywhere for the better part of a year. The main aim was to increase the consumption of the soft drink over the summer season, and kick start an ongoing conversation about the brand. Coca Cola's marketing experts took the data they had about their target audience: young adults who were social media-savvy/the 'selfie' generation/the demographic that used colloquial terms like 'mate' and 'bestie', and used this to change the current attitudes towards the brand.

The results of the campaign were jaw-dropping as you may remember. When the stats came in, it was found that young adult consumption had gone up 7%, traffic to the Coca Cola Facebook page had increased by 870%, while the page itself grew a further 39%... And that's just the beginning. This is a phenomenally successful example of how incorporating your client into your branding strategy by name or otherwise can go viral.

On a smaller scale, this means saying goodbye to templates and bulk emailing — you need to tailor your emails. It's a sure way to win your customer over, and encourage them to use your services again. Use their name, and find out as much as you can about them - gender, age, where they live, what their hobbies are and ask about their preferences. Once you've gauged these factors, you can personalise your interaction with them accordingly. Your clients should feel as though they matter to you as  individuals; understanding their habits and what's behind their need to purchase can take you and your brand a long way.

96% of organisations believe that personalised marketing improves response rates and personalised emails improve click through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10% ." - Hubspot.

2 Create a Team Graphic

meet team

Creating a team graphic for your webpage is a great addition for a number of reasons. First and foremost it showcases that your brand isn't just a one-man show, that it is in fact, a legitimate business. Secondly, it allows your clients and potential clients to put faces to names they may have seen across emails or elsewhere on your website. Include each team member's name, position and one or two 'fun facts' about them. Photos are a great idea as well, and better still — why not try a team photo? This should suit the tone of your brand - professional and friendly if you're a corporate organisation, or fun and cheeky if you're a young start-up. It's up to you - you know your target market best! Lastly, it's great to show that there's a happy team behind your company — if people are happy to work with you, there's obviously something good going on.

Check out the team at Mashable below. They've incorporated headshots of their leaders, separate pages for their departments as well as an editorial team list, which includes the team member's social media pages.

team graphic

3 Guest Posting on Social Media

As Margin Media says, be human and encourage engagement. This is where you can relax and have a little fun with your marketing, though always be sure that your posts and topics are centered on your clients. Social media is one of the best ways to personalize your brand.

Another great idea is to get your team involved! Have different members of the team guest post across your social media platforms. This is a great way to introduce your clients to the people behind the scenes as well as show them that you've got a range of experts across all fields. And speaking of fields - try and get a team member to share their advice/expertise from a different department each week. This will not only allow your clients to become familiar with your people, but they'll find the insider tips invaluable.

A great example of making social media more personal is Klick Communications. The agency updates its profile pic with a headshot of the team member who's writing the posts each week. If you explore Klick's Facebook page a little further, you'll find that a lot of their posts are 'behind the scenes' footage of their brand. They combine fun-facts with photos of their team, creating a personal and quirky brand experience for their clients. This is one is of our favourites.


Personalizing your brand should be a fun experience for you and your team as well as your customer. Why not hold a brainstorming session and get creative with all your departments? Share your ideas below!

Helen Scheuerer is a creative writer & website owner from Sydney. She's worked for numerous e-commerce start-ups over the years as well as founded her own online literary magazine, Writer's Edit. Specialising in blogging and social media marketing, Helen loves the opportunities the online world has to offer writers and entrepreneurs alike.