Typography tips and tricks: Part one


Get familiar with beautiful typography! Create fluid and cohesive design solutions by marrying up complimentary typefaces.

The ability to distinguish one typeface from another isn’t an easy task, so we show you how to create contrast in your designs using simple and effective type applications.

01. Lovely letter spacing

Varying type size is one of the best ways to differentiate your content – there should be a specified size and weight for your heading, sub-heading and body copy – this creates visual hierarchy.

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Use a heavy typeface for your heading to amplify your focal message (font used here: Hunter). As an extra touch you can close up the letter spacing, but ensure the words are still legible.

Applying a subtle transparency to your type will soften the hard edges and strong unity formed by the tight letter spacing. Use a finer typeface for your supporting copy and space out the lettering for contrast.

02. Content conscious

Ensure your design is harmonious by choosing typefaces which are aesthetically aligned to your content.

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The typefaces you choose should represent both your content and your other elements within your design.

Julius Sans One is a fine and fluid typeface – the combination of this with the desaturated ‘Nordic’ filter which has been applied to the background image, makes for a harmonious match.

Adding an element to the space between words is a dynamic way to add a little bit of finesse to your design.

03. Clever and condensed

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Narrow, thin fonts work better for headings than they do for blocks of text. Combining two similar narrow typefaces with different letter spacing and weight will create a nice contrast.

Applying an element, like a line or stroke the same width as some of your text will both place emphasis on certain words and contain your type.

04. Optimum overlay

An image that you can apply text over is a great way combine your graphic elements.


Choose an image with features you can overlay type on, then adjust the brightness and contrast within your filter sliders to ensure your text is legible.

Sticking to one font family will create harmony within your design – break up content by using different styles eg. italic, bold.

Use the rule of thirds to help define visual hierarchy.

05. Creative characters

When you are faced with a semi-colon, or an ampersand – take advantage of them. Many fonts provide a beautiful selection of glyphs (type characters or symbols).

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Ampersands are an elegant typographic feature. Choose a typeface that celebrates this character like PlayFair Display.

Place your copy with purpose – see how the C in ‘Crisp’ sits nicely on top of the space between the C and the O in ‘Cool’. Keep an eye on your alignment, make sure your supporting type lines up with another element in your graphic.

Apply these techniques to your designs and start mastering the wonderful world of type!

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