5 simple tools to create beautiful backgrounds

Backgrounds are an incredibly important part of your designs. While they may not be the design element that stands out the most like fonts, colors, and images, backgrounds act as a visual foundation and help determine how other elements will be composed.

You may not have thought that something as simple as a colored shape could help you create an original background, but it can be easier than you think.

Let us show you how to harness simple Canva tools to create incredible backgrounds for your layouts.

01. Create a color overlay using a transparent shape

tips for creating a background

Create a mood for your design by adding a color overlay. The best way to do this is on Canva is to remove the original colors from your image by moving the saturation slider to the left. Then stretch a colored shape over your design and make it transparent.

02. Pair an icon with a blurred background

tips for creating a background

Icons can be a great addition to your background, and look especially effective when used over a blurred image. By doing this, you're still giving your audience context with the background while also allowing the text to come to the forefront, thus allowing it to stand out.

03. Use images with copy space

tips for creating a background

Copy space refers to the empty areas in an image. Images with lots of copy space are great ready-to-use backgrounds!

As an extra tip, you can always stretch your image within a grid to increase the amount of copy space.

04. Use neon-colored text over a black and white background

tips for creating a background

This is a great way to draw attention to your text! Make your image black and white using the saturation slider (moving it to the left), and choose a neon color that best suits your design.

Neon colors are bright, and can be found near the edge of the color wheel.

05. Use shapes as text holders

tips for creating a background

Create clarity by adding a shape to your design as a text holder. This will help your text stand out and be clearly readable. Choose a color for your shape from your background image to achieve harmony.

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