When users choose images, certain qualities stand out. And that is what we’re going to cover in this article to help maximize your chances of earning well.

01. Localized

Our users come from different countries across the globe, each with their own traditions, cultures, and people. This is what users want to see in your images—content that reflect who they are.


Photo Pixabay

Most of our users are from the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, India, Spain, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Argentina, and Russia, so consider looking into these countries and what they’re into. That being said, we also have lots of images from these countries already, so if you’re from a different country, we likely have enough users for you to create your own private niche.


Icons by Claudia Canovas

02. Diverse

Diversity is all about our differences—whether in sexuality, age, socioeconomic status, religion, disability, and so much more. Living in a world we share with so many different people, users are always seeking imagery that reflects this diversity. The more diversity you reflect in your images, the more our users will select them.

Diverse Young People Fun Beach Concept

Photo by RawPixel

03. Natural

Who isn’t over stocky, staged photos that show excessively happy people or irrelevant objects scattered across the scene? Users want images that reflect real stories of real people, real places, and real objects—photos that are natural and authentic.

Candid portrait of boy on sofa

Photo by Jupiter Images

04. Varied

Users like having options. Instead of choosing just the best from a single shoot, provide users with options—the same scene shot from different angles, in different orientations, and with different emotions, backgrounds, or props.


Photos by Victor Torres

05. Usable

Since they will be used in designs, images should mesh well with other elements like text or other images. Keep users in mind when you compose your images. For example, leave negative spaces to give room for text, and avoid heavy styles in your retouching.

Camellia flower blossoms in turquoise cups

Photo by Elisabeth Coelfen

06. Unique

People tend to go for the obvious when looking for a subject to shoot or illustrate, and while this is practical, going for unpopular subjects can mean less competition and a more diverse portfolio. Be the one who gives users looking for unique subjects the images they need for their designs.

easteregg between regular eggs in a tray, above view

Photo by Oliver Hoffman

07. Relevant

Unless they’re going for retro, users look for images that can capture their audience’s attention. Keeping your portfolio up to date by looking at current and emerging trends and incorporating them is a great strategy.


Photo by Pixabay

Does your portfolio have these qualities? Keep these qualities in mind as you grow your portfolio to make users click on your images more.

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