20 yellow logo ideas that will brighten your day

20 yellow logo ideas that will brighten your day

If there’s one color that’s hard to ignore in design, it’s yellow. There’s something so arresting about this vibrant shade—it immediately makes us stand up and pay attention. Many of the world’s biggest brands, from McDonald’s to Snapchat and Post-It, have used this to their advantage by incorporating yellow into their logos.

But once it has our attention, what does yellow actually say? Well, it depends on how you use it! Yellow logos can take on many different personalities and meanings, depending on the fonts, composition and other colors you pair it with. Here, we delve into 30 yellow logo ideas and how you can

the symbolism behind yellow and how you can use it in your own design.


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What is the color symbolism behind yellow?

When many of us think of the color yellow, we envision the sun or smiley face icons. So, it’s no surprise that yellow is often associated with joy, optimism and cheerfulness. However, it’s also an attention-grabbing color, which is why you’ll often see it in road signs. Other color associations with yellow include optimism, freshness and loyalty.

What kind of brands use yellow?

Yellow is a popular branding choice for any brand that wants to come across as friendly and accessible—which is perhaps why it features in McDonald’s logo! You’ll often see it used by children’s brands, automotive companies, electronics companies. Due to its approachable quality, it’s used less often by brands that want to present a high-end image. When used on its own, yellow can appear quite overwhelming to viewers.

So, it’s often paired with other, complementary colors or used in hints, in typography and logo. To help spark inspiration for your own designs, we’ve rounded up 25 impactful examples of yellow logos that use it well.

1. Shine bright


Don’t be afraid to get literal when using yellow in your logo design. This logo for the travel industry has incorporated a yellow accent into the icon of the sun, which gives it an extremely cheerful and uplifting feel.

Want to add some sunshine to your own logo design? Our Black and Yellow Sports Logo is ready to be customised in Canva.

2. Cut the mustard


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Feel like yellow is a little too much for your logo design? It’s more grown-up sibling, mustard, might be a better choice! This trending color maintains the warmth of yellow, but with a more mature and modern feel. As you can see this logo design project, it looks particularly cool when paired with clever, black iconography.

If you’re keen to experiment with this trendy color in your own branding, Canva’s Yellow and Black Simple Community & Non-Profit Logo will help get you started.

3. Pair it with brown


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Yellow and brown might seem like a strange color pairing, but when combined with the right visual elements, it works! In this logo for video project, Bald Bear, the cute icon and rounded, serif font give the branding a warm and inviting feel.

Use the yellow and brown color combination in the reverse with Canva’s Brown and Yellow Simple Animal and Pets Logo.

4. Create contrast


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Black and yellow—it’s the color combination so striking, there’s even a song about it! Black provides the perfect neutral background to make the yellow typography and icon ‘pop.’ In this logo for a fitness company, it creates just the right amount of drama without feeling too over-the-top.

Take a leaf out of this designer’s book by starting with the Black, White and Yellow Vaken Energy Drink template in Canva.

5. Get abstract


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From emojis to egg yolk, yellow has many different color associations. Why not have some fun with those in your branding? In this logo for a cafe, an orangey-yellow shade as been used to cleverly represent an egg as a flying saucer. The result is a memorable and eye-catching logo!

Use yellow to give your logo a more abstract feel, with the Black and Yellow Industrial Logo template in Canva.

6. Pair it with blue


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One of the most well-known logos that include yellow belongs to Swedish furniture company, IKEA. While this color pairing is neither strictly complementary and contrasting, it works well together. It’s striking, but also creates a refreshing and harmonious feel that perfectly complements IKEA’s association with fresh starts.

Take a leaf out of IKEA’S book by using a vibrant blue and yellow color combination in your own branding. Canva’s Blue and Yellow Modern Education logo is the perfect starting point.

7. Use icons


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Icons are a great way to incorporate yellow into your logo design without going overboard. Marketing Lemonade is another brand that has used one of yellow’s color associations—lemons—in a clever way. While this adds a hint of playfulness, the simple black, white and green color scheme ensures it still looks polished and professional.

Have fun with icons in your logo design by making Canva’s Blue and Yellow Buffet Restaurant Logo template your own.

8. Pair it with purple


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Purple and yellow is an unexpected color combination that creates a luxurious and regal feel. Sometimes, you will see this take the form of purple and gold (for example, the Cadbury logo). But, as you can see in this logo for Honey + Fig, yellow can also work—especially when paired it with a deeper, purple background.

To channel this regal aesthetic in your own branding, check out the Purple and Yellow Dots Thai Restaurant Logo in Canva.

9. Play with shapes


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Shapes are another fun way to integrate a pop of yellow into your logo design. Here, finance company Scramble has included a simple, yellow circle behind their text, to give their branding a bright and friendly feel. Not only does this play into the ‘egg’ theme, it adds more visual interest than using a solid, yellow background would.

Want to experiment with yellow shapes in your own logo? Canva’s Black and Yellow Circle Band Logo is the perfect place to start. 

10. Go bright and bold


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You don’t always have to play small when using yellow. A neon yellow can be a great choice for innovative brands that aren’t afraid to push the envelope. In this logo for Great Thinkers Group, the vibrant shade has been paired with a baby blue to create a visually appealing effect.

Stand out against the crowd by using neon yellow in your own logo design. Canva’s Yellow Automotive Logo template is ready for you to personalize.

11. Go for gold


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Gold is a metallic iteration of yellow that is popular in logo design. It instantly gives brands a more sophisticated, high-end feel. It’s also extremely versatile and can take on different personalities depending on how you use it. In this logo for Bourbon and Driftwood, you can see how pairing it with a black background and classic typography gives it a more vintage feel.

Add a pop of gold to your own logo design with the Green and Gold Basketball Logo template in Canva.

12. Add a hint of yellow


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The designer has integrated yellow in a clever way in this logo for Galeb (the Croatian word for seagull) They have used part of the letter ‘G’ to symbolise the seagull’s beak, adding some depth and extra visual interest to an otherwise simple and minimalistic logo.

If you’re looking to just dip your toe in the water with yellow, Canva’s Black and Yellow Party Entertainment Logo is a great place to start. 

12. Take design risks


Via Dribbble

At first glance, this logo for creative agency Scotch seems to break all the design ‘rules.’ The letters are clumped together with no space in between, and it uses a very homogenous color scheme of multiple shades of yellow. But that’s exactly why it works! The clever use of a darker shade of yellow to help separate the letters is what makes this logo stand out. The takeaway? Yellow is a daring color, so your logo design should be too.

Think outside the design box with Canva’s Yellow Shapes Children & Kids Logo.

13. Pair it with red


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If ‘trustworthy’ and ‘reliable’ are qualities you’re looking to communicate in your logo design, you can’t go past a yellow and red color combination. International courier and mail company DHL has achieved this in their branding, using darker shades of each color to give it an added touch of maturity.

Use a red and yellow color combination in your own logo with Canva’s Red and Yellow Education Logo with Border template.

14. Soften it up


Via Looka 

If you’re designing a logo for a children’s brand, a lighter, softer yellow is a great choice. As you can see in this branding for Funkey Monkey, it creates a relaxing and cheerful aesthetic. Pairing it with darker typography helps balance it out and gives it a more grounded feel.

For a softer take on yellow in logo design, check out Canva’s Yellow Watersports Logo template.

15. Layer your yellows


Via 99Designs

In this logo for Louise Bakery, similar shades of yellow have been layered in top of each other to create more depth and texture. This stops the branding from feeling too ‘flat’ and gives it a more multi-dimensional aesthetic. When paired with the botanical icon and script font, these work together to create an elegant and classic logo.

Our Retro Yellow Delivery logo template layers yellow shades on top each other. Make it your own in Canva today.

16. Add a drop of lemon


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You may also want to experiment with more neon, lemon-tinted shades of yellow in your logo design. In this branding for juice bar, The Juice Co, you can see how this pop of color instantly makes it feel more fresh and lively. The designer has artfully tied this in through their use of shapes and shading.

Canva’s Green, Yellow and White Jusco Citrus Logo can help you achieve a similar fresh and playful aesthetic in your own branding.

17. Use a yellow border


Via Looka

Borders are an excellent way to seamlessly integrate yellow into your logo design. In this logo for Mezzo Mens Logo, the designer has done this through the use of multiple borders—the yellow surrounding the text, then the blue around that, and finally, the thin yellow border. This perfectly frames the text and adds intrigue to the logo.

Want to use yellow borders in your own logo design? Canva’s Black and Yellow Box Logo has done all the heavy lifting for you!

18. Pair it with green


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While yellow and green sit directly next to each other on the color wheel, they can still look harmonious together—especially if you opt for an orange-tinted yellow and a darker shade of green. In this logo for brewery Craft Lab, you can see how these can work together to create an earthy and natural feel.

Use a yellow and green color combination in your own design with Canva’s Green and Yellow Adventure Tours Logo.

19. Lighten it up


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A pale yellow can be used when you want to use a light background, but want to break out of the usual ‘black and white’ combo. You can see this in action for this logo for Norwegian bar, Grus Grus. The light yellow is an almost cream shade, and acts as the perfect blank canvas for the intricate line work.

You can use a neutral, yellow background in your own design with Canva’s Yellow and Blue Restaurant logo.

20. Let your typography do the talking


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Yellow takes centre stage in this logo for design marketplace, Yellow Images. Rather than using it in the background or icons, it has been integrated into the text. This makes the cursive typography stand out against the backdrop far more than a simple white would, and gives the logo a contemporary feel.

Want to make an impact with yellow typography? Check out the Black and Yellow Box Badge Icon Security template in Canva.

Whether you shine bright with a light yellow or opt for a darker mustard, yellow is not the color for brands who want to play it safe. It’s for those who would rather stand out than blend in, and want to get their unique message seen and heard. If you’re ready to push the envelope and take a risk in your logo design, these yellow logo examples and ideas will help get you started on the right track.

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