Your royalties at Canva

Royalties are the money you get each time a user pays for a license to use your image. The royalty is calculated by applying the “royalty rate” (35% at Canva) to the license fee (price).

Becoming an image contributor at Canva, here’s what you need to know:

01. The three types of licenses

Users can purchase a One Time Use, a Multi-Use, or an Extended License to use each of your images, and there’s no limit to the number of times a single image can be licensed.

With any of these licenses, your image can be used in any design, like invitations, social media posts, desktop or phone wallpapers, book or ebook covers, posters, and more. Depending on the type of license, these designs can be printed, reproduced, and even sold.

With a One Time Use license, an image can only be used in a single design made only in Canva. Meanwhile, with Multi-Use and Extendedlicenses, an image can be downloaded and used in an unlimited number of designs, in and out of Canva.

No matter which license is chosen, users can’t take credit for your images or use your images in a logo or in any immoral, defamatory, or libelous nature. We also make sure that your original files cannot be extracted, accessed, or reproduced without a license.

02. Canva’s Royalty Rates

Each time an image is licensed, you get a royalty, which is 35% of the fee paid by the user.

Below are our current rates:

  • One-Time Use license: 1 USD
  • Multi-Use license: 10 USD
  • Extended Use license: 100 USD

03. Your Country’s Royalty Tax

In line with tax laws, Canva withholds contributor royalty taxes from each payment. The amount is between 0% and 30% of your total payment, depending on the country in which you are registered. We send out formal tax summaries every July which, if your country has a tax treaty with Australia, can be used to claim credit for the tax withheld.

You’ll find a list of income tax treaties in The Treasury’s website or our Help Center.

04. Canva’s Payment Threshold

We send out payments of royalties automatically once every month—by the 15th. We have a payout threshold which allows you to set a minimum payment amount. If your balance is below your threshold, we’ll skip your payment until the next month. The default payout threshold is $100, but you can change it to any amount from $3 to $10,000. For any payment below $100 (excluding tax), we charge a per-payment fee of $2.

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