Santa letter templates

Santa letter templates

Bring the holiday magic to your children with printable Santa letters you can personalize with free templates and print like it's fresh from the North Pole.

Santa letter templates
Santa letter templates

414 templates

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Printable Santa letters by Canva

Christmas isn’t the same without jolly Saint Nick and the happiness he brings to your children. Relive your memories of reading and writing letters to Santa Claus and pass the tradition to your kids by designing a Santa letter template from Canva. Share their excitement of receiving and sending letters to Santa while he is in his workshop at the North Pole.

Encourage your child to write their own Dear Santa letter. Download a printable blank Santa Claus letter template for free and let them write down everything they wish for.

Is your kid too young to write? Browse our template gallery for an example of how to write a letter to Santa. You can easily personalize them to include the name of your child and even upload their photo. (Father Christmas has to remember millions of kids, after all.) Make this a family activity as you print your child's letter to Santa Claus and let them leave it by the door along with some milk and cookies.

Even without any design experience, you can create a fun and delightful letter from Santa. Your child will love to see a promise of a visit with a gift or two. Just choose a free template of your liking and edit away! Canva has a selection of easy-to-read font styles, so your child can enjoy reading and rereading the letter intently. Drag and drop illustrations for some snowflakes and tinsel for an even more festive letter. (Don't forget to add a dash of magic!)

You can turn Santa’s letter to your child into one of their gifts on the twelve days of Christmas. Wouldn’t it be a fun surprise to receive Santa mail in their Christmas stocking?

Even during the busy Yuletide season, you can continue the age-old tradition of writing and receiving letters through Canva’s intuitive features. The file autosaves as you work—so you can quickly close the tab when your child barges in to see what you’re up to—and return to finish and print it whenever you’re ready!