Music logo templates

Music logo templates

Make your music event unique from others with Canva’s music logo ideas that you can customize however you see fit online.

Music logo templates
Music logo templates

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Music logos by Canva

Everyone enjoys listening to music because it gives reprieve to people who are weary. It’s soothing, nostalgic, sad, and therapeutic at the same time. That’s why people flock to music festivals because they want to be entertained and they want to see their idols in person. If you want to organize a music festival, then you need music festival logo templates for your event to have an official logo for promotion. Aside from music festivals, our music logos can be used for artists, bands, artist managers, bars, music lounges, and by music teachers who want to advertise their services. Our music logo designs are very versatile because they can be used for many purposes while keeping your convenience in mind.

Plus, Canva’s gallery also has music logos that are ideal for your record label’s branding. Browse the different record label logo templates, and choose which one best represents your brand.

Choose among the free music logo templates to edit using the online design editor. And access our vast media library of design elements that you can use to bring a new look to your free music logo template. Explore the different buttons on the design editor to change the placements of the design elements or the size of the template itself. The possibilities are endless when you use the intuitive, drag-and-drop feature of the design editor.

Right after editing, you have the convenience to add your logo designs into another printable template like our posters, flyers, business cards, t-shirts, and many more. With Canva Print, you no longer have to print the designs yourself because Canva does the job for you seamlessly.

You get to have high-quality paper and finishes as well as easy and convenient delivery for free. However, you can also share the logo online through a link with your colleagues or post them directly on your preferred social media platform.