All the power of Canva's AI, all in one place. Magic Studio™ brings together the best AI-powered tools for you and your team, right inside Canva.

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Redefine the way you create


Visualize your ideas with
Magic Design™

Create custom, on-brand, and attention-grabbing content in seconds. Describe what you'd like to see – or upload your media – and Magic Design uses Canva's AI to craft professional presentations, videos or social posts.

Transform your content


Magic Switch™

Swap formats, languages, and dimensions in a snap. Transform your decks to different kinds of docs, instantly reformat any design for multiple platforms, or auto-translate them without leaving the page.

Turn ideas into images and videos with
Magic Media™

Dream it up, then add it to your design. Watch your words transform into beautiful images and videos with Magic Media. You'll stand out with visual content that perfectly fits your project.



Text to Video

Visualize your video and turn it into reality. Describe what you're after and watch Magic Media generate short videos that suit your design, powered by Runway.


Text to Image

Turn your ideas from Text to image. Magic Media fast-tracks your creative process by generating captivating images that suit your design.

Edit visuals effortlessly


Magic Expand

Seamlessly extend an image in any direction for the perfect shot. Fix awkward framing, save zoomed-in images, or turn a vertical shot into a horizontal one in seconds.


Magic Expand

Seamlessly extend an image in any direction for the perfect shot. Fix awkward framing, save zoomed-in images, or turn a vertical shot into a horizontal one in seconds.


Magic Grab

Magic Grab helps you redesign images, just like a Canva template. Use Magic Grab to select and separate the subject of your photo so that you can edit, reposition, or resize it.

Magic Edit

Reimagine your image and add to, replace, or edit it with a short written prompt. Simply select where you want to see the change, write your wish, and watch as your image transforms.


Magic Eraser

Make your subject stand out. Brush away unwanted details and distractions from your photos.


Background Remover

Bye-bye background. Remove backgrounds from images and videos in a single click.


Magic Animate

Bring your designs to life with motion. Automatically apply the perfect animations and transitions to your entire design.

Magic Morph

Turn ordinary into extraordinary in seconds. Transform words and shapes with a simple written prompt. Magic Morph applies effects to text and shapes to quickly create patterns and textures.

Make words come easily


Magic Write™

Helping you say it the right way. With Magic Write, go from a prompt to a first draft or on-brand copy in no time. Plus, it helps you quickly reword sentences or paragraphs and summarize or expand your text.

Advanced AI safety with Canva Shield

AI trust and safety, built with enterprises in mind.

Scaled AI controls and protection

Manage your team's access to Magic Studio products with administrator controls. Canva Shield's advanced privacy and security tools, plus indemnification for enterprise accounts with over 100 seats at no extra cost, will keep your business safe.

AI data and privacy preferences

Canva doesn’t train AI using your content without your permission. Canva’s AI privacy controls require you to opt in - not opt out - to share your private content with us to train AI.

What Magic Studio can do for you

Make an impact with Canva's AI tools for every design need. With Magic Studio, you can explore even more ways to design. From rapid content creation to on-brand scalability – the possibilities are endless.


Empower every employee to communicate visually

Turn everyone in your business into a creator. Our AI-powered tools will help your team streamline workflows and create impactful content with ease.

An all-in-one design solution

Forget onboarding and deploying multiple platforms or licences. Bring your design and AI tools together in one platform.

Harness the power of AI safely

Utilize AI confidently and efficiently. Advanced security, privacy and controls will keep you safe while you explore a new world of creative productivity. Contact sales(opens in a new tab or window) to learn more.

Plans & pricing

A plan for everyone - from individuals to enterprise.

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