AI is supercharging work and creativity

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work like never before. Canva’s Marketing and AI Report explores how more than 4,000 global leaders are thinking about the benefits and pitfalls of this technology’s rapidly evolving role in the creative process.

AI-driven creativity is in

Marketing and creative teams are elevating creativity, simplifying workflows, and uplifting productivity with the help of generative AI.

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A donut chart with 97% filled

97% are comfortable with the rise of AI

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75% consider generative AI an essential part of their toolkit

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70% say AI enhances their team’s productivity

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69% believe generative AI enhances creativity

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Enhance your creativity

With AI, marketers and creatives can elevate their workflow from start to finish. From generating first drafts to simplifying complex tasks, generative AI opens the door to new levels of creativity and endless possibilities.

Make work meaningful

Save time and scale up. AI reduces the manual effort put into repetitive tasks so you can focus on more meaningful ones. Embedding this technology into your work makes room for more time to focus on the big picture.

Marketers can do more with AI

Get extra creative support, save time and streamline workflows with a click. Writing, populating designs, and perfecting images are just a few of the top AI use cases for marketing and creative teams.

What’s top of mind for leaders?

The industry is looking for the best way to embrace this technology as it continues to evolve. Here’s what professionals are thinking about AI and unlocking its full potential.

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A donut chart with 75% filled

75% are concerned most about customer, company and personal data

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69% believe there are too many generative AI tools available

A donut chart with 65% filled

65% feel overwhelmed by the learning curve of adopting a new tool

A donut chart with 47% filled

47% are unsure how to get the most value out of generative AI

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