Create a Venn Diagram for free with Canva’s online Charts Maker.


Get your data across clearly and concisely with a Venn Diagram from Canva

What should you do when you’ve got 3 unique data sets that need to be compared and contrasted quickly and plainly? In this visual world where catching attention and keeping it is a challenge in itself, the humble Venn Diagram is still a go-to tool for simplifying otherwise complex data. It’s visual and can deliver what you need to say at a glance.

With Canva, everything you need to create the perfect diagram for any report, presentation or document is right at hand. Our team of amazing designers have come up with a collection of Venn Diagrams to choose from. From there, it’s just a matter of customizing and editing it to fit your exact needs.

Create a Venn Diagram in Canva with the easy steps:

  1. Create a new Canva account to get started with your own 3-circle venn diagram designs.
  2. Pilih templat dan kemudian, klik pada teks dan imej untuk mula menyesuaikan diagram anda.
  3. Sesuaikan perincian seperti warna dan fon.
  4. Pilih daripada rangkaian menarik elemen graf kami seperti bingkai, bentuk dan garisan.
  5. Simpan dan kongsi.

Design your Venn Diagram with a team

Canva menjadikan kerjasama projek menyeronokkan dan mudah. Jika anda melakukan reka bentuk diagram dengan sebuah pasukan, anda boleh memberi mereka akses untuk memasukkan input dan mengeditnya terus pada reka bentuk anda. Klik sahaja butang kongsi, tandakan pada kotak untuk memberi mereka akses untuk mengedit dan hantar pautan yang dijanakan kepada mereka. Memandangkan Canva disimpan pada awan, anda dan pasukan anda boleh mengakses reka bentuk anda pada bila-bila masa, dari mana-mana sahaja di dunia dan pada sebarang komputer meja atau peranti iPhone, iPad atau Android.

Customize colors and fonts

Set each data set apart by using different colors for each circle. Use Canva’s color selection tool to pick any hue or type in a color hex code to use a specific color. Make sure add clear labels to your Venn Diagram and choose from any of the beautiful fonts in Canva to really match your style or tone of your document.

Add illustrations or icons to your diagram

If text just won’t cut it, then you can always add illustrations, icons or even photos to your diagram. Head over to the elements tab to start your search. Canva’s amazing media library holds more than a million stock images and illustrations to suit your purpose. Everything you need to create the perfect Venn Diagram is right at your fingertips!