Church Newsletter Templates

Loop the congregation in on happenings and upcoming events with a customized church newsletter you can easily create and and collaborate on.

Church Newsletter Templates

Church Newsletter Templates by Canva

Having a newsletter for your church has many advantages. Not only does it nicely wrap up all the current events of the church, but it also allows people to discover upcoming activities and messages that speak out to them, too. With a beautiful newsletter, you can share inspiring messages from the pastor, timely themes that concern both the church, or the bigger community it belongs to, and any other announcements that are important for your church attendees.

Call others into a life filled with Christ with a stunning and attractive newsletter. Use a creative yet functional design that pastors, youth directors, volunteers, church attendees, and even non-church goers can appreciate. If you're worried about your budget, lack of graphic design skills, or simply the time you'd have to invest in creating a newsletter, look no further because Canva will empower you to create your very own. Whether you're looking for a simplistic, traditional, or modern design, Canva has millions of customizable and professional layouts to choose from.

Design your own church newsletter with Canva's easy-to-use graphic design software. Simply log-in and navigate its intuitive interface to select a professionally made template of your choice. Customize the newsletter's design by utilizing Canva's handy drag-and-drop tool, which allows you to resize, rearrange, and add or remove design elements from your template. With Canva's impressive selection of free illustrations, lines, shapes, colors, and fonts, you can create a newsletter that truly expresses what your church stands for. When you're done fine-tuning your newsletter, download the final design for printing or for online distribution.