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Celebrating 15 billion designs in Canva

We’re proud to say our global design community has created 15 billion designs in Canva! With 15 billion stories behind them all, we’re excited to mark this milestone in our journey to empowering the world to design.

Since 2013, Canva has been empowering the world to design. Today, our community has reached a very special milestone: a whopping 15 billion published designs!

While this is a significant number for Canva, it’s so much more than that. Today, we reach this moment because of you – our thriving community who not only shines through the power of design, but also champions us every step of the way.

We've reached some incredible milestones(opens in a new tab or window) lately, but we couldn't have done it without the village of more than the 110M people worldwide who come to Canva each month to design beautiful creations. From a nonprofit in Scotland(opens in a new tab or window) to a dessert cafe in China(opens in a new tab or window), a butcher in Brooklyn(opens in a new tab or window), or a mom in Melbourne(opens in a new tab or window), Canva tools and the designs produced by them are bringing people together, even when we’re worlds apart.

We’re honored to connect a global community who inspire and empower one another to achieve their visual communication goals. Knowing your designs are part of something bigger makes us proud.

Behind the designs

With 15 billion designs created in Canva, there’s a story behind each and every one. From unique to inspiring, impactful to ingenious, we’re constantly blown away by what you’re creating.

Castleberry ISD Lead Librarian, Heather Lamb, has been using Canva for years to encourage students to form a lifelong love for literature. Now she's pushed her creativity even further and brought a unique Canva design to life. Her colorful bookmobile, named Mo, has traveled around Texas and distributed over 7,000 books and 450 meals to the community.

Content creator Hadas Avidor Goldin created a Snakes and Ladders board game entirely in Canva using elements and tables. She teaches educational workshops and leads the largest Hebrew Canva community on Facebook.

Kash Bhattacharya, founder of travel website Budget Traveller, used Canva to create a card game, ‘Locals Know it Best,’ which encourages tourists to talk to locals to discover their unique recommendations for activities, food, and more.

Your favorite things

15 billion designs is a lot of output from our awesome community. Check out what we’ve uncovered to be some of our global community’s favorite things along the way.

Your top 5 fonts

Canva top fonts

The Canva community has spoken, and the below rise to the top as the most popular fonts:

  1. Arimo (13,801,470,849)
  2. Open Sans (1,631,819,970)
  3. Glacial Indifference (952,295,936)
  4. Montserrat Classic (858,628,175)
  5. League Spartan (704,021,461)

Your top food items

Canva top food elements

You’ve got great taste! Your top food elements made up a delicious diet of:

  1. Apple (18,325,182)
  2. Carrot (2,264,460)
  3. Chinese Spicy Malatang (2,138,194)
  4. Avocado (1,933,710)
  5. Pizza (1,434,543)
  6. Salad (1,403,573)
  7. French Fries (1,147,755)
  8. Rice (973,903)

Your favorite words

top keywords Canva

Your most-searched words were a marvelous mix of shapes:

  1. Frame (203,427,852)
  2. Line (140,930,764)
  3. Arrow (126,436,147)
  4. Circle (109,281,025)
  5. Rectangle (84,558,427)
  6. Heart (71,646,235)
  7. Square (68,802,450)
  8. Flower (62,257,999)

A printing party

Printing in Canva

You loved bringing your designs to life in the real world!

  • You got down to business: over 200 million business cards have been designed with Canva.
  • You’re wearing our heart on your sleeve, with more than a quarter of a million unique t-shirts designed and printed with Canva over the years.

A global effort

In Brazil, soccer elements scored a total of 13,137,493 uses in Canva designs. The samba stood out as the world’s winning dance move, with 6,042,517 samba elements used globally in the past five years. Funk elements came in second with 3,180,704.

The sun’s well and truly out in Australia, with this element making an appearance almost

6 million times. Meanwhile, across the world, 9,511,363 mustaches have adorned your designs over the last five years, along with 175,203 mullets!

Canva designs Indonesia

In Indonesia, more than one million scooter elements have been added to designs over the years. And there’s a lot of love for the local fruit favorite, the durian, which wins out with more than 1,175,290 elements used worldwide in the last five years. Rambutans are also beloved with 519,850 elements used over this period.

Canva designs Mexico

Our Mexican community celebrated many family memories, using Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) elements over 5 million times. Across the globe, you’ve added flamboyant flair to your designs with 13,084,986 hibiscus elements and 7,339,205 flamingos over the last five years.

Canva designs France

Ooh la la – our French community is fond of fromage, choosing cheese elements almost 2.5 million times! And because there’s no better pairing than wine and cheese, our community used 94,373,738 wine elements and 32,625,161 champagne elements globally in the last five years.

Canva designs Philippines

A little more than 3 million coconut elements have been used in designs from the Philippines, while our global community has selected eagle elements 12,266,149 times and water buffalo (carabao) elements 659,844 times.

Pizza elements bested all other Italian dishes, with elements used more than 89 million times around the world in the last five years. Pasta elements were a respectable second with elements used almost 35.5 million times! Our Italian community loved to ‘espresso themselves,’ using a total of 2,898,432 Moka Bialetti coffee pot elements in their designs.

Unsurprisingly, Canva users confirm the UK loves a good brew, adding tea elements to their designs 1,961,732 times. Around the world, jam was chosen 7,929,699 times, and cream 7,210,155 times. Just add scones!

Whatever way you use Canva, thank you for helping us empower the world to design. We wouldn’t be here without you.